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  1. CLS-Reece

    Cls W219 Air suspension

    Hi Just to give you a quick summary of how this all started My Mercedes was in a side on collision mainly on the N/S/F wheel. Minor bodywork looking damaged but the wheel was mullered. Basically had all the work fixed but Churchill after countless complaints and rework and 3 different...
  2. CLS-Reece

    Cls 2010 temperature sensor

    Hi guys My outside temperature sensor is occasionally reading the wrong temperature. I have seen online (eBay) there is a temperature sensor that goes in the lower grill. But when I look on places like EuroCarParts and GSF they don't list such a thing. Is this what reads the outside temp...
  3. CLS-Reece

    Mercedes Cls 350CDI 270

    Hi there Has anyone here done anything with these engines, want to get abit more out of it when I get a remap done, intake system is where I'm looking into. Stuggerling to find anything online and unsure how to make my own with this silly Y peice with the AFM sensors in. Has anyone...
  4. CLS-Reece

    Cls 350 non start, no tick. Dead!!

    Hi there Bit of a long shot as this is really weird. Was checking the car yesterday as it's been using more fuel than usual and sounding abit ruff, found a few oil leeks and then noticed that the oil breather pipe coming off the intake-turbo pipe was blowing smoke into the system. So took it...
  5. CLS-Reece

    What is this?

    Hi guys Just a quick question and to the point what is this? 2010 Cls 219 350 Located at the o/s/r of the engine above the cat/downpipes? Looks to me as some sort of breather unit, as has a pipe going to the inlet pipe work before the turbo Thanks
  6. CLS-Reece

    Mercedes cls w219 2010

    Hi there Got an issue with the window as usual on these things. Already replaced the drivers front a few months ago. Now got an issue with the ns rear window. It goes up and down like normal. But when it gets to the top it drops about 2 inches and have to keep using the button on and off to...
  7. CLS-Reece

    CLS 350 60 plate Creaking noise

    Hi there Just picked up my CLS 350 60 plate and i love the car, just a little thing thats getting annoying and want it sorted. When i am turning left at slow speed and coming to a stand still there is like a creaking noise coming from the front left. to me it sounds like the anti roll...
  8. CLS-Reece

    CLS 350 Parking sensors

    Hi there Just picked up my CLS 350 60 plate the other day and the parking sensors aren't working. I have looked in the boot and found a wire tucked in the left hand compartment. I think they are aftermarket sensors as behind the headrests is a gauge think witch im guessing lights and and...
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