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    Google Earth

    Press the aerial button (little camera) in, and it'll get you a better view of chester! :) Stew.
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    Hi, l'm new here

    Oh my god there goes the neighbourhood! :rolleyes: This bloke's one of the reason's I've (temporarily) lost my Merc and am driving a MINI, ( Wife got a company car and said we had to sell the Merc and keep the MINI because we were having too much fun driving like looneys on MINI runs!) then...
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    Brittania Rescue - Dont Do It!

    We've just cancelled a breakdown cover with BRITTANIA RESCUE, with some time left to run on the policy. I've been informed that we will not get a refund, "because of the insurance based nature of the policy" - they do not have a policy of refunding their customers, unless we are willing to...
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    1996 Mercedes C200 For Sale - £3500 offers

    1996 Mercedes C200 Elegance Auto (5). 92K, E/W, S/R. Full History - Main Dealer up to 81,000, and the 90K done by Merc-spec in Middlesbrough. Detatchable towbar (Only ever pulled my little Halfords camping trailer! ) Recent Tyres all round and recent Bilstein Shocks all round...
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    C200 W202 Misfire.

    Help folks - I'm confused. I've got a misfire at low revs which happens when the revs go down to low levels as I brake for a corner. The engine refuses to accelerate away from the corner, then misfires, then pulls OK. Help???? (MAS problem??) :confused:
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    MERC-SPEC, Middlesbrough

    Off Newport Road, Middlesbrough. 90,000 Service on a C200, £155. Great service, some honest prices for paintwork, helpful people, will be going back for the 99,000 service. Stewart.
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    w202 Cruise Control Retro Fit?

    My wife's manual mini has cruise and it operates exactly the same as my W202 Merc. You can accellerate and when you lift off it returns to the speed you set. Fairly sure it deactivates with the clutch.
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    Wheels & tyres for sale

    Apologies for change of plans Gunny. My wife's found a house today of all days after months of looking, so if we get an offer accepted, we really will be skint, and buying new alloys is not allowed ! :( Thanks for the help. Stewart.
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    New Bilsteins = Different Car.

    Nope - Supplied £244. Fitting took me 2 hours with a couple of 17 mm spanners and some swearing - but not hard enough to pay someone else to do it!. There's no spring compressing or anything. Was attacking roundabouts this morning - which is a real first for this car!
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    New Bilsteins = Different Car.

    Wow. Just put New Bilstien Original (Non-sport, non-lowered) shocks all round on the Merc. What a difference! - It's never handled and ridden so well in all the time I've had it. (Had 51K on when I bought it). ;) £244 all-in from Eurocarparts. - Well worth it. :D :D
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    Ivory Heater Dials.

    Nuts. Must be a different design! - On mine the plastic heater symbol plate is bonded into the black plastic frame of the heater control unit - it's a very integral part :( There's no way they will come off. (Or do you mean remove the logo sticker from the back of the new part and replace only...
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    Wheels & tyres for sale

    Nuts. Rolling Radius is wrong for my W202 if they are 60 profile - you sure they are not 55's Gunny? I know ConcordePilot19 put some on his W202 from a CLK :- Quote - "The wheels and tyres are from a '99 CLK 320 and are the exact spec for W202, being 205 / 55 R16, replacing the 195 / 65...
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    Remember a lot of us only use these forums to ask for help, so we only post when somethings wrong. Mine's had its problems (Nothing major, and MBClub has helped with good advice for the minor stuff) but I'm keeping it!
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    C class drifting to the left??

    Mine will follow cambers left, but the dealer did sort out the drift after a few visits and much pestering. - Find a flat car-park and drive across it. There should be no drift. If it's ok on that then all you are left with is the 'camber following tendancy', which you can't get rid of. But -...
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    Ivory Heater Dials.

    Koolvin/Anyone! Help. Bought the ivory heater dials, but could do with some advice on how to fit them. I've had the control unit out and stripped. Did you just cut the original displays off the front and glue/bodge the new ones on? :( Not sure what to do now, so I've put it all...
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    cd storage

    Yeah, What R2 said! :)
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    Anyone wanna be a marshall?

    Richard. Am definitely coming on the trackrod this year...Honest. P.S. - Did you ever sell the wheels? Stewart Smith.
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    Dealership Satisfaction Shock Horror.

    Agree with Rich - most don;t seem to be bothered. I asked the mechanic to drive the thing before he did anything, and he agreed it pulled to the left. Now it doesn't, and he did not change the castor and camber bolts, just tracked the thing properly. I've done a few hundred miles since then...
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    Can anyone think of where to sell a 500E?

    Not going to raise your hopes, but out of interest.... What's the history/mileage/price like??? ( Let me go check out insurance! ) Stew. Hartlepool.
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    outside temp display

    Oooh - How did yo uget yours up and running pluggers - mine's got the display in, but wasn't picked as an option so I got no temperature sensor/wiring and the displays just dark ( But if you look carefully in the right light you can see the outline of the LCD numbers ). Would love to get it...
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