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    High Beam Assist not working on ILS headlights

    Hi All and Merry Christmas Just bought an approved used GLC250d from Peterborough Mercedes. It has the Intelligent Lighting System but when you switch on full beam, it does it as it would without high beam assist. The cornering function works and the lights move around when driving. I have...
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    CLK 200K Convertible Wanted

    Hi All On the lookout for a Black CLK convertible around the 2008 onwards if you're looking at selling. I would like a black interior as well please. LMK what you have Thanks Steve
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    Latest version of COMAND & Maps please

    Hi All Am buying a used E class estate from MB Main Dealer and have asked for the very latest updates to its COMAND system and Navigation Maps as part of the deal. They have agreed to this, but as I am a newbie on these cars, I have the following questions from all you experiencing guys and...
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    Just buying Used and need to know what the car is fitted with

    Hi All Just buying a used E350 (265) from my local main dealer and as it was not advertised, I have no idea what it is fitted with until I pick the car up. It wasn't advertised as I had phoned several dealers and asked them to keep me informed of anything that may be within my price range and...
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    Hi from another newbie

    Hi All My name is Steve and although I joined the forum back in 2011 I did not have any participation. I am now buying a Used E350 (2011) and want to make use of all your experience and knowledge when it comes to anything Mercedes. I am buying from one of the Daimler group dealers rather...
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