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    spanish M.O.T and xenon Headlights (RHD)

    I don't know about Spain but here in Luxembourg I had to change the lights as the local test requirements are strict and need an LHD assymetric beam. You will also need to buy an EU rear left light and have the car reprogrammed (or hard wired) for the rear to work correctly. If you do both it...
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    Headlights coding (w204 FL) RHD to LHD

    So I have finally managed to get the German headlights and fog light configuration working with my UK car. For the benefit of any other expats attempting this procedure know this: you can mix and match ILS xenon headlights, you can reuse your UK controllers and bulbs. If you install the...
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    Headlights coding (w204 FL) RHD to LHD

    Thanks I'll look into it, a shame it's not easy!
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    Headlights coding (w204 FL) RHD to LHD

    I have to change my headlights for EU ones on my UK car as Luxembourg is very strict and won't accept a flat beam profile. Having ordered and fit the new lights I have an issue in the car believes high beam is low and low high. The ILS defaults to hi beam etc so I have to out in manual on high...
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    MSL Portable Custom Remap Handheld My Genius Devices

    Got my device this week, map was back to me within 3 hours of sending the original file over! I plugged in a charger whilst doing the map and was glad I did given the workout it gave the fan. Only had a short run out in it so far but it feels absolutely on it now, livelier all round and not...
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    W204 C63 Estate Isofix points

    For those interested the we have three kids and I put a multimac in the back, it's a bit of a faff to install as it bolts into the chassis but once in you're golden and makes the car a genuine family wagon. I have just moved abroad so I took the family and luggage through Europe to our new home...
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    W204 C63 question..

    This sounds like an unusual experience to be honest, I hope you get it resolved. My buying experience was very different earlier this year, I always buy private so never any warranty but didn't encounter any issues, I swear the estate market is different in terms of who buys/sells, very genuine...
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    That age old question - Super or Regular Unleaded

    98 Ron Vs 97 I don't think there's any difference, at least most of the stations near me are 97 so that's what it tends to get. When I'm near a Tesco or Shell then 99 is on offer but I figured the super at Esso, BP etc is still better than 95 (which I don't use) with the extra agents etc - I've...
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    W204 c63 rear seats

    Just a quick question - is the rear bench seat identical to a normal c class estate or an AMG special?
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    Meet “Boris”

    With that mileage and spec that's definitely a keeper of you don't need access to the cash. It's a one off on the market right now with that mileage but maybe not yet old enough to be picked up as a future classic. In 10 years time it will either be completely illegal or much sought after! Bit...
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    Would anyone buy a e63 private sale?

    Exactly my approach to buying too, I actively buy privately so I can find this sort of lunatic. My c63 did 5 years in the last owners ownership, 11k...serviced twice a year! No expense ever spared. To me I'd always take that owner over a dealer car with unknown history and hoping a warranty...
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    Picking up my first C63 next week :-)

    Brave interior that but at least you'll be looking at the road. A re-dye doesn't cost too much if it pains the eyes long term. If you're from the west country you've got some fantastic roads to enjoy the new motor with around there. They are quite a laugh on the twisty stuff once you find a...
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    I love my AMG - But what next?

    My brother has exactly the same car to replace his RS4 which was stolen last year. Whilst he misses the noise and sense of occasion he loves the tech and free motoring of the Tesla. He does talk of getting an M3 again though, as these things definitely don't have the same degree of interaction...
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    AMG addiction!!

    If you ever have had that feeling try a motorbike, it's incredibly liberating if you've been feeling claustrophobic on the roads. The agility and ease of overtakes is like finding perfect zen. It's not for everyone but I took biking a couple of years ago and it's reawakened my enjoyment of...
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    Back in a M-B

    I was really keen on an e55 but they are a bit long in the tooth, finding a well cared one is so key and great to keep it in the enthusiast community. Congratulations on your purchase!
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    First Merc - W204 C63 AMG Estate

    Thanks for the tip might try the Farnham place for mine! Looking very nice indeed. Love black wheels but they never photograph well!
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    C63 507 Edition Wide arch project

    This plate looks interesting, is this sold on the forum? Let me know if it helps stabilise the temps, I was seeing 118c on manual mode in the hot weather, seems a tad high given this was on the road not even track, albeit at pace.
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    C63 Exhaust Tips part 2

    Whilst the commitment is tremendous I can't help but think polishing would have been a wee bit simpler! Good looking result though and a confession, I never bother polishing my exhaust either!
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    New to MB

    I take my time...must have been considering the e55 in 2014 I think! As I said in my main post this is the newest car I've owned in a long time, I just felt the last of the AMG NA v8s deserves my attention. So many cars so little time, I'm loving MB ownership so far. Just did 600 miles in a day...
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    C63 W205 First Thoughts

    What's amazing is that the newer car has next to no MPG benefit. My old F10 M5 would do 27mpg easily on a fast motorway cruise but these don't seem to get anywhere near it, I'm not sure what's going on if they can't do better than a proper 6.2 na unit! Great car but for me that would irk, why...
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