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  1. jonnymerc

    Happy birthday whitenemesis

    Happy birthday hope you had a super day :D
  2. jonnymerc

    HOW TO: Apply Vinyl Wrap to Chrome Trim

    I found it very interesting and informative thanks KillerHERTZ :D
  3. jonnymerc

    Happy Birthday, racall

    Happy birthday phil for yesterday sorry a bit late :wallbash:
  4. jonnymerc

    In a London Supermarket.

    Love it love it love it❤️❤️❤️ That was great ,I wished they did that in my supermarket
  5. jonnymerc

    F1 GP

    Just announced silverstone will hold 2 GP,S in July and August
  6. jonnymerc

    Fragrences - what are you wearing?

    Creed original Aventus lasts all day wife loves it not sure about the neighbours wife :banana:
  7. jonnymerc

    My dad, Bruce Millar

    Hi molly have been thinking of Bruce your dad today , Can’t believe it’s 1 year today that Bruce sadly left us it was a very sad day one of this forums greats still sadly missed God bless
  8. jonnymerc

    [URGENT] ------>>>>> MBClub Covid-19 Response

    Done great forum got to keep it going ,forgot to put my user name in the notes when paying :wallbash:
  9. jonnymerc

    My dad, Bruce Millar

    Definitely Derek
  10. jonnymerc

    Lord Bath RIP

    A sad loss a very colourful character very eccentric RIP
  11. jonnymerc

    What's everyone doing in the lockdown?

    Skip outside in the driveway, in the garden tearing down an old wooden shed already for a nice metal shed making the most of the nice sunny weather and because we are all stuck indoors :wallbash:
  12. jonnymerc

    My first time!

    Welcome manFriday any problems with your pride and Joy there is an array of knowledgeable people ,everything Mercedes on this forum :)
  13. jonnymerc

    The Football Thread

    Wow liverpool lost 3-0 did not expect that well done Watford they played very well ,someone once said football a funny old game today proved that
  14. jonnymerc

    The Football Thread

    ****nals out of Europe got a right slap in the face tonight what a shame:D:D
  15. jonnymerc

    Kirk Douglas RIP

    One of the all time greats , great actor ,great person will be sadly missed RIP
  16. jonnymerc

    CKS aftermarket grills - equal quality to genuine?

    20160219 114259 by jonnymerc posted Feb 19, 2016 at 12:56 PM hi this was on my w204 for 18 months which I don’t own now from CKS the fit was very good and quality not bad
  17. jonnymerc

    Merry Christmas

    A very merry Christmas to all have a great time and a super new year 2020
  18. jonnymerc

    New member

    Welcome to the forum :)
  19. jonnymerc

    Happy Birthday AMGeed!

    Happy birthday have a great day :):)
  20. jonnymerc

    Happy Birthday Howard!

    Happy birthday have a super day :):)
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