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  1. GSD

    W210 E55 Facelift - is it worth it

    This won’t make your decision any easier (sorry!) but I’d definitely be interested in buying your 55 if you do decide to sell it. Have always wanted one and can pay more than £1500 as well :thumb:
  2. GSD

    1998 W210 E320 Breaking For Parts

    My friend is breaking a well specced 1998 W210 E320. The engine has done about 140k but it runs perfectly and appears (from the service book) to be well looked after. Only fault is with the gearbox which no longer works except in the reverse gear. Parts available include: • Electric sunroof •...
  3. GSD

    2007 RENAULT LAGUNA 2.0 dCi 150 Dynamique Navigation

    Sold, to the first person who came to see it!
  4. GSD

    2007 RENAULT LAGUNA 2.0 dCi 150 Dynamique Navigation

    Answers to the common questions I have had: How long have you had the car and why are you selling it? I purchased it in November 2012 so that makes it just over a year. I am selling it as I really don't need two cars - it was supposed to be a replacement for my Mercedes which I could not...
  5. GSD

    Pioneer AVH-P5100 Single DIN CD/DVD Player

    Not long to go... Still going cheap!
  6. GSD

    2007 RENAULT LAGUNA 2.0 dCi 150 Dynamique Navigation

    Selling as I do not need two cars (barely do 5k per year in one!). This was supposed to be the replacement for my 210 which I could not bring myself to sell in the end :wallbash: It is genuinely a lot of car for the money; there can't be a lot of cars that offer something similar in terms of...
  7. GSD

    Pioneer AVH-P5100 Single DIN CD/DVD Player

    Selling as I recently converted my 210 to a double din setup. Great piece of kit for the price and in excellent condition. Pioneer AVH-P5100 Radio/CD/DVD Player Screen Monitor 4977729944419 | eBay?
  8. GSD

    W210 with AMG kit

    I haven’t been on the forum for a while as I've been very busy over the past year. I purchased a second car which meant that my poor 210 was sat on the driveway for a long time without the care and attention it deserved :( In fact, I even got to the point where I was about to sell it :ban...
  9. GSD

    C43 monoblock 18's, what are they worth?

    +1 on the chrome stars and I would definitely get the 18’s as they look perfect on the W202 IMO.
  10. GSD

    Anyone experienced the SLS Driving day at Brooklands?

    The SLS driving experience is amazing you will love it. You can decide how you spend your time so make sure you do a few straight line runs (especially with launch control). Although it is small, you will still have a great time out on the track due to the power of this car and its handling...
  11. GSD

    reasonable 190e insurance (23 year old)

    I am with Aviva but they are not known to be the cheapest I think I was just lucky :dk: Perhaps you are better of trying the comparison websites as others have suggested. Admiral might be worth a shot I hear they sometimes give fair quotes. Wow! You got yourself a good deal there...
  12. GSD

    reasonable 190e insurance (23 year old)

    Providing that you do not live in an area with a high crime rate, it shouldn’t cost you too much for insurance on a 1.8 190e. I say this because I am 21 with insurance on my E240 for less than £1500 and I have paid a similar amount since I was first insured on this vehicle at the age of 18! A...
  13. GSD

    Find Approved Engine Oil Using Specification

    MB 229.5 - Multigrade engine oils (Specification 229.5) - Mercedes-Benz Specifications for Operating Fluids Apologies if someone has posted this already!
  14. GSD

    E55 Amg for sale again

    It was confirmed to be a CAT D last time this was up but this is mentioned in the advert anyway: "Please note that on 20 july 2009 the car was classed as a Cat D". If I remember correctly, a potential buyer at that time mentioned that the vehicle needed a full respray, which the seller was...
  15. GSD

    W204 C63 Leather Interior

    Someone with a W204 must be tempted, I know I would be :devil: mercedes c63 AMG full leather seats with door cards in Slough, London | Car Accessories for Sale |
  16. GSD

    Dodgy dealings?

    This is indeed very annoying but I guess you learn to expect it as some deals are just too good to be true. I recently won an eBay auction for a 210 E55 interior at just over £100 and fortunately (after learning about the complexity of retrofitting electric memory seats) the seller decided to...
  17. GSD

    S210 E320 with AMG kit

    I love that colour :rock: Silver 210s do look just as good, even though they are more common.
  18. GSD

    E240 W210 The seat look like new !!!!!!!!!

    Nice to see a W210 in such good condition makes a change from the norm. I wonder what the reserve is :confused:
  19. GSD

    S210 E320 with AMG kit

    Not long to go! Definitely worth it at £1800: eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  20. GSD

    Sl55 amg kompressor - designo edition - one of a kind (2003)

    The seller has been trying to sell it for some time now I saw it on PH ages ago. The price will have to change sooner or later nice car though.
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