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    last time home i was filling up & next to me was a 320cdi well that was the badge on the back but had all the AMG kit on & wheels & the women was putting petrol in a few days later i was at the local id & the car was in so am thinking big job but no it is in fact a E55 that she has badged as a...
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    Bitter vs Lager

    any beer will do just to forget my rust problems :dk: over 50+
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    Mobile phone stolen or not? help required

    still useing my Nokia 3310
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    Holiday suggestions

    We like santopeter spain go 3 or 4 times a year allways something to do for kids & big kids :bannana:
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    I need to go here

    Chips in beef dripping are much better for you
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    Thanks to Kwik Fit Wednesbury (pic)

    had my leaking air con done at kwik fit never had a problem with it after that its working well 1 year on ?
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    Top Gear UK vs Top Gear USA

    Top gear is crap all the cars that are on are out of my range well 95% are & its run by kids :bannana:
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    W203 Remap Experience...

    we had a remap 1 year ago had no problems with it used a company in hull pro tune Hull hope you get it sorted
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    Yorks/N Midlands/Lincs/Lancs Curry Night?

    hope to make it to a curry night but same as the last one am will be still on the rig until the 29th Feb but you all have a good night :bannana:
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    Any well known figures?

    I have being in the wool pack :bannana:
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    hey everyone

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    Yorks/N Midlands/Lincs/Lancs Curry Night?

    sorry i will be in Cuba
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    Yorkshire YOMP 2012 - Driving Tour

    sorry i missed the last one but had to take the wife to a party but am up for this one
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    R.I.P. Smokin' Joe

    for me he was the best a sad loss to boxing
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    Yet another kwikfit suck thread

    Kwik Fit I use one in hull best tyre fit :thumb:
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    the wife made the booking so we are taking them lol:rock:
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    hi am taking my grandkids to disney for 3 days age 3 & 4 any help on wear to take them in disney :confused:
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    New C350CDI... first impressions

    nice car have lots of fun
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    Yorkshire East Coast GTG

    Hi i put Sat but am good for any day
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