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    electric car polishers - any good ?

    I was also given one, do people buy them then get too afraid to use them? They are not difficult to use for those with a bit of dexterity and common sense. I used wet and dry paper and then a rotary polisher to get rid of all the orange peel on my car, having never used one before. Just take...
  2. RaceDiagnostics

    My full 1979 450SL restoration video

    Here is a follow up on a change to the exhaust middle box.
  3. RaceDiagnostics

    R107 Rusty Bulkhead

    When this appeared on my car I had to replace the two inner side stiffeners with new parts and both side chromes with second hand parts.
  4. RaceDiagnostics

    Beware Autodoc

    Autodoc are great when all goes well, I have bought lots from them, however recently when I received a part I found it did not fit my car, despite it being listed for it on the Autodoc web site. Autodoc admitted that it was an error on their web site but that they were not liable as I should...
  5. RaceDiagnostics

    My full 1979 450SL restoration video

    I collected together a set of pictures covering the full 9 year rolling restoration of my car and stuck it on youtube for anyone interested. Its a very condensed summary but gives a good insight to the work I carried out.
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    R172 valve guides

    May just be your valve stem seals rather than guides that need replacing, changing them fixed the issue on my car.
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    R107 how to set up a new fuel metering unit

    On the K Jet system there is only one user adjustment, the fuel mix screw, everything else is fixed, have you checked the WUR is functioning properly, all the procedures for test are in the workshop manual? If you have bought a re-manufactured fuel distributor it should already be tested and...
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    "Mercedes-Benz Accident Management Service"

    I didn't use a restoration company, I did the entire restoration myself so need an alternative solution. The damage is limited to the rear bumper and a couple of minor scratches in the paint work on the body behind it. This is the car. This is the damage. Bumper bowed in and lower...
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    "Mercedes-Benz Accident Management Service"

    Has anyone got recent experience of using this service? Someone ran into the rear of my 450SL today while I was stationary. Unbelievable, cars only been back on the road for eight weeks after a three year restoration.
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    R107 450SL 450SLC 350SL K-Jet engine sticker A1175843921

    I've been searching for one of these stickers for 10 years or so but couldn't find one, stickers on ebay were incorrectly listed as K-Jet when they were in fact D-Jet. So in the end I got a few recreated and printed in Germany using the authentic fonts and paper. Selling surplus to cover my...
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    CLS repair

    New video by my favorite body repair guy.
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    Electrifying classic cars

    I fill up about ~8 times a year, 85l tank, if fuel gets to £4 a litre, it will be costing me ~£3000 a year in fuel, savings over a 10 year period, well that should cover the cost of a conversion. I don't want it to come to that but if it does, then I have a way forwards. It seems like there is...
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    Electrifying classic cars

    Glass half empty there......lets revisit in 15 years and see if there are lots of companies doing conversions and kits.
  14. RaceDiagnostics

    Electrifying classic cars

    If we start getting priced out of IC engine cars in 10 or 15 years time due to green pressures it may be the only way to continue driving our classics. By that time perhaps there will be plenty second hand motors and batteries to bring down the cost of a conversion.
  15. RaceDiagnostics

    Brake Disc replacement needed?

    Tell him they will be fine till they detach from the rest of the disc. However, if they are vented discs they will be fine till they look like this.
  16. RaceDiagnostics

    W211 wheel bearing adjustment / torque setting?

    Normally for taper bearings there is an end float you need to set up rather than s torque setting so you would need a setup like this. However, assuming that they were originally set up properly they may be worn and need replacing.
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    Advice.....on R107

    Forgot to say that the seats are fully manual, that makes them an easy install but they do have seat heaters installed so I bought an Audi aftermarket seat heater loom and installed that. Used some second hand controllers and fitted them in place of the radio.
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    Advice.....on R107

    I welded the frames together out of 5mm angle bar. They started like this. And ended up like this after welding and shaping. Then painted them They bolt into the car using the original seat mounting bolt holes, I have kept the original seats in case I ever sell the car and the now...
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    Advice.....on R107

    The red interior is original but I have had to freshen it up a few times over the years. First seats, I restored them in 2010. restoring tired looking seats Centre console. R107 faded center console Lately the seats were looking worn again so I swapped them out and replaced the with red TT...
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    Advice.....on R107

    I absolutely love my 1979 450SL. It does drive like an older car but it is 40 years old, the main issue would be to find a rust free/low rust example but I'm sure there are still a few out there. Mine gets about 18mpg if I'm careful but not if I do this. 0 to 60 on the speedo ~ 7.5 seconds. [/url]
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