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    E240 repeater indicator

    I found that when I took the one off the other wing for comparison, I found that the u-shaped compression fitting on the new one was slightly different. So, with the help of a thin screwdriver to lift it, the lens finally clicked in to place.
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    E240 repeater indicator

    :crazy:I have recently purchased a repeater indicator (the small pear shaped one) from Mercedes for the wing of my 1999 E240. However, I cannot get it to "click" in to the wing. Is there a special way to fit it, or is there a a solution to the problem? It is fitted on at the moment, but it is...
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    E240 anti-freeze

    I want to replace the coolant in my 1999 E240. What is the best way to do it, which is the best anti-freeze, and how much will I need to obtain?:confused:
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    The correct battery

    :confused:Last year I part exchanged my W126 for a 1999 E240 petrol. The car failed to start recently, so I went to a local garage to get the battery checked. I was told that I needed a new battery, as the current one was on its last legs. The one in the car was a Bosch S4 007, so I got the same...
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    E240 question

    I last posted about the car on 8th June. Grober replied that a previous owner had probably swapped a "cheap" car radio for the original - I think that this is correct. Still, it is working and churning out some background music while I drive, so I can put up with that. Maybe E240 owners can...
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    Questions about the E240

    Last week I part-exchanged my W126 300SE which I have had for ten years for a Mercedes E240 automatic. It has done 135K miles - is that OK? I have the service history, but there are a few little niggles which an E240 owner may be able to help me with. The original JVC radio has been exchanged...
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    300SE W126 vacuum problem

    :confused:When I last posted I asked what the correct resistance across the ICV pins was, as the forum had given two posts with readings of 5 and 4.8 ohms. I was getting 7.8 ohms. I did not get any replies, so I sent off for another ICV. Lo and behold the reading across the pins was 7.9 ohms -...
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    Idling problems on W126 300se

    :dk:I have soaked the Idle Control Valve in carbureter fluid and replaced a damaged vacuum bend. I put the ICV back in the car and now the car no longer stalls at traffic lights or junctions. However, the idle is still low (the rpm drops to 5000 when I go in to drive or reverse). I have checked...
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    300SE W126 stalls at traffic lights

    Just lately my 1988 300SE has started to stall at traffic lights or roundabouts. It will start again immediately when I put it in to drive. When it is in drive it idles at about 6500, but drops when I put it in to drive. I manage to drive it by accelerating slightly with my other foot on the...
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    W126 exterior door lock

    I orderedthe mb lock grease today. I am interested in the remote locking kit, but there are so many on ebay that I cannot be sure which is compatible with a 1988 300SE - which one did you use and from where? Is it also correct that if I had this remote locking installed I would not have to worry...
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    W126 exterior door lock

    Your suggestion about drilling out the tumblers seems to be the way to go Pontoneer, but how would I best go about this? I can get a another handle from ebay, although it does not have a key with it - I suppose that one could go on the passenger door and the passenger door handle could then go...
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    W126 exterior door lock

    I do have a spare key coalville, but the results are exactly the same - unfortunately. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.
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    W126 exterior door lock

    :(For many years I have gained access to my left-hand drive 300SE by unlocking the passenger door, leaning across to the interior handle of the opposite door and opening the drivers door. This weird performance is due to the fact that the key will not turn in the door lock cylinder on the door...
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    W126 wiper linkage sorted

    :DI have just ordered a wiper linkage for my LHD W126 from I sent a message to the seller earlier today, and received a reply. I have also figured out how to automatically translate any German webpages into English, by downloading the latest Google bar. So everything seems to be OK at...
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    W126 LHD wiper linkage

    mct cars: I use IE9, so my next question is - how do I enable the auto translate option? Alan.
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    W126 LHD wiper linkage

    :wallbash:Pontoneer recommended that I look on to see if there was a complete windscreen wiper linkage on there for my W126 300SE LHD. I was pleased to see that there is one on there which was removed from the same model and the same year. I attempted to order it. Armed with a...
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    W126 cover air entry removal

    Derek: Thanks in advance for looking at the MB EPC on my behalf. I recently managed to get through to my local MB dealer parts dept., and was told that "company policy does not allow us to give out part numbers". I do not know if that is just a Cambridge policy or if it is MB policy nationwide...
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    W126 cover air entry removal

    Derek: Thanks for the photographs. Although the wiper assembly you picture is for a RHD (part number 126 820 6042) and mine is for a LHD (part number 126 820 9342), the linkage looks remarkably similar. My motor faces the opposite way, that seems to be the main difference. I would not need the...
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    W126 cover air entry removal

    Pontneer: Several questions - is the assembly that you have RHD or LHD (the part number should tell me), and will it fit a W126 300SE? Your price sounds very fair, I am in Cambridgeshire. Alan
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    W126 cover air entry removal

    Thanks a lot Coalville126. I have just removed the wiper assembly and have found that one of the arms had jumped out as the nylon bush had completely worn out, otherwise the motor and linkage are OK. I will have to enquire wether I can get the bush/arm with bush seperately. Also I noticed that...
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