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  1. scottishman2

    Winter Wheels & Tyres - CLK55

    Now sold -- via EBAY...
  2. scottishman2

    Winter Wheels & Tyres - CLK55

    Pictures of wheels... Now got them back from dealer... Pics attached. Checked MB Alloy number on Alloys Direct - new set without tyres is £1048. To reconfirm - these have done 3000 miles and have almost new Dunlop winter tyres included. I'm sure they will fit other models - critical thing for...
  3. scottishman2

    Winter Wheels & Tyres - CLK55

    Having reluctantly sold the beast, I have a set of MB supplied 17" alloys (They fit over the brake calipers - supplied by main dealer) with Dunlop winter tyres. They were supplied by the dealer and fitted in December 2011. Taken off by the dealer in April 2012 having covered only 3000 miles so...
  4. scottishman2

    Did Cicero actually say this?

    I received an email today with the following footer..... I had to smile... "The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed...
  5. scottishman2

    Lets hope Mercland come up trumps

    I have a high powered car - and I drive it, quite happily, at 10% , 90% of the time... its still awesome to reverse those figures when you get the chance to do so safely.... But as an "everyday" car ... nope - not a sensible proposition imho... whatever you end up with Steve - you will -I'm...
  6. scottishman2

    One for Mocas:

    Come on Mocas -- confess all... who is this Ruthie and how does she know you so well???:)
  7. scottishman2

    ML 320 cdi requires a Tracker for cover

    I had same problem with CLK55 -- Post office gave me a great deal, without a tracker!!
  8. scottishman2

    Amg 55/911

    I think you should go for a CLK55 Cab - maybe like the one I have listed in the classified ad section!!! :thumb:
  9. scottishman2

    W209 CLK55 Cab for sale... (and a 2007 Phaeton if anyone wants an executive tank!!)

    W209 CLK55 Cab - registered May 2004 (Facelift model) My sudden decision to retire early and take a reverse gap year has resulted in the reluctant decision to sell the Beast.... Recent service at Wayne Gates Indie ("B" + plus plugs, Brake Fluid, Air cleaners/pollen filters, transmission fluid...
  10. scottishman2

    Any of you London boys affected by the Olympic traffic chaos

    I now have an image of a commuter on a bike, with a beer in one hand and an Evening Standard resting on the handlebars.... :)
  11. scottishman2

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    apologies-- off topic!! week after Ronnie barker dies we played in a charity golf day at Woburn ... can't play in the rain cos most of the members will drown due to noses in the air!! However -- in memory of Ronnie we called our team of 4 the "fork handles" and had polo shirts printed with a...
  12. scottishman2

    Acoustic Drum Kits

    My son plays pearl maple kit... with Paiste cymbals and sticks from Vic Firth... thankfully not in the house. Then again he is sponsored by Pearl, Paiste and Vic Firth so he may well be biased. That said - he does swear that Pearl Maple kits are the doggies ( I think I know what he means)... In...
  13. scottishman2

    Soft top remote operation

    Only the Cabs as far as I am aware.... Sorry -- couldn't resist it.... :D
  14. scottishman2

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    Symmetry -- but it doesn't quite work... (*** will know what I mean when I say its "the art of wearing a vest"...)
  15. scottishman2

    Fensomes in Luton

    Heres a post I submitted just last month - hope it helps: "Was seriously considering finding time to get CLK55 to Olly for its first service since I bought it in view of the praise he gets here - undoubtedly well deserved. Time and work just did not permit this so looked at reviews for more...
  16. scottishman2

    Driving to Southern France

    trust me - we do it often... just use the credit card only lanes... as long as your passenger has enough agility to put the card in the slot... its painless, and easy... even better if you can persuade the wife to use her card and not yours!!!
  17. scottishman2

    Just to remind us why we come on this forum

    it does in my house-- so I'm told.... :D
  18. scottishman2

    Driving to Southern France

    We tend to take our time these days, but when we went with the kids - heading to SW - we literally always went Dover - Calais (tunnel is so easy now but boat gives the kids a break..) leaving reasonably early to get crossing at around 10... then drove to Orleans... about 4 or 5 hour drive from...
  19. scottishman2

    Driving to Southern France

    What crossing are you taking?? and what time?? I drive over every six weeks or so ... not all the way to Perpignan, but know some lovely little stopping places on route...
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