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    Nearly New Tyres For Sale

    Bump Anyone after these. open to sensible offers
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    Nearly New Tyres For Sale

    Any one after these? Can store until needed if required
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    Nearly New Tyres For Sale

    I have a pair of Continental Sport Contact 3 for sale that were on the back of my CLS. They are MO spec in 275/35/18 with approx. 6 - 7mm of tread left on them. They have been stored inside since being taken off the car. New £240 each would like £150 each ono. Delivery may be able...
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    e320 cdi and v6

    Think you will find the V6 is the later engine of the two. I have the V6 in a CLS and have found it very good. Returned approx 33 mpg over 26000 miles. Hope this helps
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    Time for Tyres - help please...

    I have just fitted Pilot Sport 3 onto my CLS having previously had Conti's. Would not but Conti's again as have had a problem with the tyres sidewall cracking around where tread meets the sidewall. Almost as if it is going to delaminate. Speaking to a number of different retailers who all say...
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    E270 CDI Kickdown problem....advice please!

    Has it gone into limp home mode I wonder?
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    CLK500 5 or 7 speed auto

    Sorry mileage wise I think its 4 years / 60000. I may be wrong on this one though. Mine were replaced on age. Also remember you have things like brake fluid every 2 years. So when buying a 4 year old car its worth checking that these have been done. Or negotiate the price accordingly
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    CLK500 5 or 7 speed auto

    IIRC about £10 per plug x 16 £160 plus labour. So at main dealer rates £300 - £400. I had our car on a service contract and paid about £90 per month for 18000 miles per year
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    CLK500 5 or 7 speed auto

    Oh and look out for the spark plug change its v expensive at the main dealers!!
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    CLK500 5 or 7 speed auto

    I had a CLK 500 for 2 years and averaged 26 mpg over 45000 miles. 7 speed box had to be reset once under warranty for jerky change down from 2 to 1. This you only really see if you use the car in S mode. Can be quite hard on tyres, mine would wear edges first regardless of tyres pressures...
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    Which tyres?

    Used to get between 15 - 18k on the fronts of our CLK500. Did have a tendancy to wear the edges though.
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    The Brilliance That Is: Wonder Wheels

    I use wonder wheels all the time but dilute it to about 30% solution then rinse off with pressure washer and it works fine. Only use full strength if wheels are very dirty and caked with brake dust
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    Foxes - Grrr

    Don't know if this is an old wives tale human hair stuffed into an old stocking hung about the garden is supposed to ward them off!! Never tried it so can't comment
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    HID Conversion

    You might want to have a read through this thread Xenon upgrade!
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    How not to photograph your car for sale

    Is this one of the worst or are there others out there?? Mini Cooper Sport 500 for sale, classic cars for sale uk (Car: 68830)
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    Grey or Black - Polo shirts ?

    I'd go for black very slimming for those of us with a fuller frame :)
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    Thinking of leaving the fold...

    I am about to sell my CLK 500 to make way for a new CLS coming on 1/9. Cubanite Silver, Anthracite leather interior, Burr Walnut trim. Sunroof, Keyless Go, Comand, CD changer, TV tuner, 7 spd gearbox, sport suspension & 17" wheels, wood & leather steering wheel. March 05 53000 miles £14000 MOT...
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    SLK 55 AMG *advice*

    I know that MB have variable service intervals so this is only a question that would it be right on an AMG to have had only 2 services since 2005? When your next service is due I think it will be a big one as it may include the spark plug change which is pricey at the main dealers.
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    Hamilton disqualified

    Transcript of the radio communication here Looks like Mclaren were unsure of the position after Truli fell off track and opted to allow him to pass whilst waiting for confirmation from race director. Don't understand why they didn't just...
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    Jaguar Track Day - Gaydon Warwickshire

    It was Chris assuming it was the same lady that called me at about 9:45 this morning.
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