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  1. Stempies

    Mercedes W124 Genuine Lorinser Bodykit Spares or Repair

    Remember that one, was tempted as it showed some promise & it was close to me!!
  2. Stempies

    WARNING Pressed Metal Plates

    Seems to me that as technology increases, we have more rules & regulations to abide by!!:mad: Bring back good old common sense, if you can read a plate by eye, then it should be ok! I hate the way technology is steering our lives, the sooner someone sets off a 'Dirty Bomb' the better!!!:bannana:
  3. Stempies

    Icon for a hug?

    Been using this for a couple of years!
  4. Stempies

    Mercedes-Benz or BMW - Can you tell the difference?

    You Scored A Perfect 100% ... :bannana:
  5. Stempies

    Suitable cars for 2 adults, 1 teenager, 2 newborns and dog!

    You need a Citroen CX Familiale. Seats 8 in comfort and still have room for a dog!! All for a heck of a lot less then £30K!!!
  6. Stempies

    Oh how I'd love a garage...or even a secluded driveway

    Dye your hair green, spike it up & wear ripped clothes, no-one will talk to you then!!;) Must admit, i have similar issues, even easy jobs have been put off because i hate working in eyeshot of all & sundry!!
  7. Stempies

    And the best British sports car of all time is... Vote Now.

    Yep Blower Bentley would've got my vote!!:):) Never liked MG's at all, possibly due to being a lifelong Triumph fanatic!!:p
  8. Stempies

    W124 Estate hunting newbie

    Yep, i can vouch for that!! Use it reasonably hard & you will see way less than 15MPG, even a light throttle will only get just over 20MPG round town!!
  9. Stempies

    Any Goldfish experts

    Could the heater have cracked & electrocuted them??
  10. Stempies

    E280 Gearbox problems

    Surely got to be worth a fluid change & clean filters etc! Autos have quite a complex valve system, may just need a flush out!!;)
  11. Stempies

    W124 with Lorinser Bodykit

    Love it!!:cool: Just the wheels must be worth the current price of £225!!!
  12. Stempies

    w124 central locking problems (estate)

    Yep, either a leak or the door mechanisms need greasing!!
  13. Stempies

    Phwoar! Miss Airport 2011 Calendar.

    Don't buy it, it's a con ............................... .......... can see right through it!!:p:o
  14. Stempies

    Nightmare claim won't go away - need advice

    There's probably loads of people in this situation thanks to all those "If you've had an accident in the last 6 years" type companies!! Always wondered how it would affect the policy holder, now we know!!:mad:
  15. Stempies

    Fixer-Upper CLK?

    IF it was a straightforward job, why hasn't the previous owner done it??:dk: Got to have some hidden nasties that'll bump repair costs up!!
  16. Stempies

    w124 with 216000 miles

    My W124 300 TE 4Matic has over 230k, still going strong!!:thumb::)
  17. Stempies

    Hi there. Wanting a modern classic Benz

    Hello!! Good luck with your search, stick with 1980's & very early 90's if you want a proper modern classic Merc!! My cars, a 1987 W201 190 with Zender kit, a 1983 W126 280SE & my current 1989 W124 300TE 4Matic have all been bought for £500 or less and have cost pennies to maintain, although...
  18. Stempies

    The Police & Data Protection

    God, i hate the modern computerised age, no privacy at all, even Asian call centres know your shoe size, the sooner someone sets off a "dirty bomb" the better!!! I know i'm using a PC, but in the years before i was happily a member of many car clubs that relied on posted material & face to...
  19. Stempies

    Looking for an earlyish Diesel

    Persistence will pay off as there are some "reasonable" ones about for less than £1k. Like this one that sold for £770!:) 1993 MERCEDES 300D DIESEL AUTO RED on eBay (end time 02-Feb-11 20:32:17 GMT) Ooops just spotted it's an estate you're after! You may find one but it will need some work for...
  20. Stempies

    can any1 help me?

    I love all types of 190, modified or not!! :bannana: Have you tried the 190 site??
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