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    W202 Rear sport seats (2 seat rear bench)

    Hi, Would your interior happen to be for an estate? Tim
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    250TD fan and water pump removal.

    For reference to anyone buying a new water pump for their 605 engined car: just got a water pump delivered from Germany for £64. Make is SKF and unlike the 1997 original manufacturer's part it has a metal impeller.
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    Stainless steel exhaust S202 C250TD

    Looking to replace the whole exhaust system on my C250TD, including the catalyst. Happy to buy a used system from someone scrapping their car. Should be quiet on long journeys.
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    NTG4.5 2015/2016 Now Available

    Brooklands claimed that my car needed to be plugged into their computer for several hours to get the updates. You say that the updates rely on disk sets - was I misled?
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    NOX sensor confusion - Bluetec

    Thanks, here are my codes, grateful for any MBClub suggestions/ experiences: 148000 - The upper limit of the component NOx sensor downstream of the SCR catalytic converter has been reached. 153500 - Component NOx sensor upstream of the SCR catalytic converter reacts too slowly 14B500...
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    NOX sensor confusion - Bluetec

    Hi, I've got a some fault codes indicating a dodgy NOX sensor. Two relate to the upstream sensor, and one relates to the downstream one. A search on this site suggests the upstream one is more often replaced. The parts diagrams at Mercedes Benz Teile shows that the NOX sensor used to be...
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    icarsoft i980 scanner/code clearer

    Similar experiences here, although my updater worked immediately. It has a number of W463 variants, and I had to work out which worked with my car by a process of elimination. Paid for itself in the first use. I bought it from Scantool Direct, who were very helpful and cheaper than...
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    W123 coupe bottom rubber door seals wanted

    Have a look at this very informative G-wagen thread - which identifies generic rubber door seal suppliers and cost savings. If you happen to identify the right generic W202 door seals, I'd be interested! Door seal part nos | G-Wagen Owners' Association
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    W202 - Worst MB car ever?

    Mine is a 115k one owner car. It stopped depreciating long ago and is a very reliable car. With an arguably better range of engines than the UK specification W124 it could be a practical classic in years to come. Having said that I haven't seen a 4-cylinder W202 for ages. People seem to keep...
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    Off topic: Where can I find an Isabikes Discount code?

    Had the same problem last year, and the used Islabikes on ebay were selling for 80-90% of RRP! Bought a new Frog in the end.
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    F/S Interesting AMG / W202 etc parts clearout

    Assume this is the saloon model? Can I see a pic of the bumpers? Do you know if they are a direct fit to the Classic model; would the foglights be the same?
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    Mercedes Media Interface cable for modern iPod, iPhone 5> etc

    Like Reflexboy, I bought this Apple Accelerator to Mercedes Media Interface cable thinking it would work in my 2011 build car. It works for charging only, but for the more recent cars I presume it does everything. These are £50-£60 from Mercedes or via ebay. I'll add the part number once...
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    DPF error codes - G350 Bluetec

    I have an intermittent chgeck engine light at the moment, and bought a iCarsoft 980 to look into it. Some of the readings are below: 118d00 DPF fault code - "B28/8 DPF differential sensor Plausibility Error" After the code was cleared, this read 8hpa and higher when revved at idle...
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    W164 engine size discrepancies

    Mercedes did change their model number rules so that the number is no longer tied to cubic capacity, e.g. my 350CDI is actually just a 3 litre in a higher state of tune. A 280CDI has the same base engine. But a 2 litre engine in a 320CDI from 2006 is not plausible. The DVLA are known to have...
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    What's the best code reader for the whole car under £100?

    Thanks everyone. My iCarsoft 980 arrived today and I've been very impressed. Quality Car Fault Code readers,and Pro OBD2 Diagnostic Tool supplier - were very competitive on price, and supplied mine. A quick phone call before I placed the order was useful and very...
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    What's the best code reader for the whole car under £100?

    Hello, I have a check engine light on the 2013 W463 and need to reset the service loght on the 1997 W202. I have had a look at some old threads and it seems that: - the cheapest solutions (generic OBD readers for £10) are limited to engine only - The iCarsoft 980 is OK - Some Autel...
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    1999 E300 3.0 Turbo Diesel ABS ASR Light only when headlights switched on

    Without a forum like this, that car would have possibly ended up costing £100's in labour, or getting scrapped!
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    W202 c180 help

    Yes, there are several contacts in the switch, for different ECU's I presume. The W202 electrical architecture isn't that complex. I have had exactly this problem at least once with my W202. New brake light switch was the fix. £15 for the genuine part a few years back.
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    Euromerc parts shop

    I was aware of this thread and a similar one way back, but took a view.... Ordered genuine rear rubber mats for my 202, plus a side indicator. Excellent prices, all Genuine MB Parts, delivered in 4 working days. Happy customer.
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