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    Engine light

    The ‘Engine light’ illuminated a weeks ago on my 2016 C200 petrol. I booked the car in for a check, and now the light has gone off. I’m not sure if I should cancel the booking or not. Any idea what the light could have been, the car drove normal. I thought it might have been a sensor, is it...
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    A good buy for someone

    Nice looking car for sure!
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    W205 Diesel or Petrol

    Petrol, easier to sell later down the line!
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    Command update w205

    It is 2017/2018 V11
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    Mercedes ServiceCare Plan - is it worth it

    Also, you get a free loaner, I think!
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    W205 C200 Engine and Transmission

    I haven’t yet had a real long drive, but the longest was 15 miles and received 42MPG. My normal driving habit is 2+ miles and then my MPG dropes to about 28 to 30 MPG. Also, I live in London and lots of Traffic.
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    W205 C200 Engine and Transmission

    I have a 2016 C200 and find it more than adequate for my driving. 0 to 60 in 7.5 sec isn’t that bad and the fuel economy is excellent. So far it’s been a great car.
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    Garmin Map SD Car

    This looks like it would work. Audio 20 and up to year 2017 for C class.
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    Garmin Map SD Car

    You can buy them through Amazon or Ebay. The seller will list the year and model of the car that will be compatible with your car. I bought one for mine for about £55.00 which was V9 and then updated for free to V10. Hope this helps.
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    Garmin map pilot latest maps

    FYI, I just updated to V10. I don’t know how long this has been available!
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    Garmin map pilot latest maps

    Sorry for the delay, I don’t use my car everyday. Here’s a snap shot of what you requested. Hope this helps!
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    Garmin map pilot latest maps

    I believe the latest is V9, 2017/2018. This is what I have and when I checked on line a few weeks ago and I did have the latest.
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    Service question

    Thanks for the quick replies, I guess I'll have it done. Chrisd107
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    Service question

    I was just informed by the Merc dealer that my service is due next month and after informing me of the price he also said that the break fluid will need changing for an additional £85.00. I questioned this as my car has only covered 4500 miles and his reply was ‘All Mercedes cars need the break...
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    Do you think this will catch on here?

    I wouldn’t be seen dead in there!
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    Yet ANOTHER watch question

    I just punched the speed master automatic and it Gaines about 2.5 seconds a day. The Omega watches are certified to +/- of 5 seconds a day! I think Rolexes are the same.
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    US military's $20bn air con bill

    That price includes transportation, labour costs and driving about 1000km in a tanker to various parts, and this is on going. The tents that the AC is used in are not insulated and the lowest temp they can achieve is about 85 Deg. F.
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    A very sad day - in all senses…

    Oh well, I guess it's back to reading his Playboy and......
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    I can’t believe I actually read this thread!!! But having said that I use wrinkle free cloths and a tumble dryer, a sure bet.
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    What's your RPM cruising at top gear at 70mph?

    My B180 is about 2000
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