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    Clifford F*ckin Alarm

    Im on the south coast, not far from portsmouth Mel
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    Clifford F*ckin Alarm

    Hi, it is easy to disable the auto locking feature, also it sounds like it has been programmed to lock the doors after 15 seconds after start up, this should be on rpm, this feature is to avoid car jacking, and can be turned off quite easily. The model of the alarm will be on the brain, any...
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    W208 front lights

    Hi all , i have recently purchased and fitted a set of front lights , these look like the very latest type of lights clear with chrome lenses,complete with Xenon HID lighting on dip beam, i then purchased LED side light bulbs and also fitted Xenon HID to main beam, these really do look good now...
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    W208 comand

    Parrott Kit U can fit a parrott kit straight in, just cut the wires going to the front drivers side speaker and put the kit inline between the cuts and put a wire into the mute pin on the command Mel
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