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    C250D Turbo Cutting Out

    yep map sensor most likely mine go ultra relaible after replacing... check all vacuum pipes for the sensor and diaphram to the turbo. cheap as chips to replace while you are at it.. they split with age..
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    How much is a..... Does this fit....... - Ask Your Questions In Here

    hi need a price and part numbers to order pair of new front brake disk stone guards / sometimes called backing plates for a 97 w202 c250td, mine have corroded away cheers
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    Debris on motorway - how to report?

    m66 - set of 12 ft ally ladders in the fast lane...took a bit of dodging...
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    Mental Health.

    more than one in for adults will suffer mental health issues, and its still seen as a taboo subject... there aint anything more amazing than the sheer complexity of the human mind, so it isnt surprising that it develops a mis-fire from time to time.. well done that man on speaking up...
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    w202 classic retrofitting leather interior

    am waiting for the seller to see if he still has the looms and some extra pics of the interior... cheers NW merc ,i may take you up on your very very kind offer There is no rush to this as the car is going away for some paint for a week from next week, then i will be away on business for a few...
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    w202 classic retrofitting leather interior

    Hi ebay has turned up a w202 blue leather interior off an m reg (poss elegance) w202, with powerseats , includes door cards , steering wheel , all wood , console and carpets and rear seats with rear arm rest, and power rear windows.. i am now thinking about fitting to my p reg w202 classic...
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    Bodywork corrosion/winter

    thanks clive did as you say, now done all the prep on my w202 arch lips, those weetabix discs are great, think i caught my car just in time. wings were removed in the end, as rust had crept round a bit further than i could originally see, only on side though, came up remarkably clean for a 16...
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    W202 Wing rust - remove wing to treat

    thanks.. wings off then as there are a couple of corners i cannnot get to with the wings on
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    w202 front disk stone guards

    hello do you have a price for a pair of the stone guards (if that is what they are called ) for a 97 c class w202 c250td, they sit behind the brake disk to protect the discs and calipers, couldnt find them on your website, mine are corroded through cheers
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    Bodywork corrosion/winter

    looking forward to this!
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    W202 Wing rust - remove wing to treat

    hi my 97 car is is due to to go into the paint shop at some point soon to be fix a few rust scabs and various dings but i have have decided now sort the rusty front arches out properly myself up front, there are not too bad and still in one piece, every bodyshop i went to tutted when i said...
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    Diesel Fuel Mix

    try some injector cleaner -millers or forte , and see how you go.. im currently experimenting withadding 2stroke oil in my diesel tank..seems to run smoother and quieter, when i use supermarket diesel, but dont do it if you have a DPF or a modern CDI diesel ..
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    W210 Rust

    cheers and you have answered my other post!
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    Rust problems ?

    Hi clive, what products do you reccomend for repairing rust/bubbling, eg acid wash, and you mentioned using epoxy anti corrosive primer, whats your reccomendation as to make? cheers
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    W210 Rust

    posted to wrong thread
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    W202 Rear Diff Leak, Help?

    had mine done on my c250td, weeping diff seal and had a whine too... think it was £130 to get done at a merc indie, basically parts were in the region of £20, rest was labour
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    Removing heavy brake dust deposits

    bilberry wheel cleaner or IRONX , ironx seems to shift anything...
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    ECP - Bosch Batteris

    well i wish i had seen this thread yesterday, got into car last night switched the ignition and click click click battery dead, its an mercedes 019, manufactured in 2004. today i replaced the serpentine belt, as it was squeaking and also bought a bosch096 from ECP , as couldnt find an 019...
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    c250td power loss

    have a c250td myself, had boost issues, replaced all vacuum pipes and a new map sensor, and a good clean out of the intake manifold, that sorted the limp mode issues, never had an epc error though.. ps in salford and welcome to the forum
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