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  1. AJA

    What's everyone doing in the lockdown?

    I'm lucky enough to be able to work from home and have been for the past two weeks. We have shut our retail stores and have a skeleton crew working in our warehouse ot feed our eCommerce sites. Thankfully no one has been furloughed.
  2. AJA

    Lock Down Detailing - Anyone? :)

    I've tried EZ products for the first time and I'm very impressed. My lad did most of the work on the following pictures. Products used - Citrus Wash - All Purpose Cleaner & Pre Wash Cherry Bomb - Luxury Car Shampoo Viper - Ph Neural Alloy Wheel Cleaner Sleek - Satin Interior Dressing & Cleaner...
  3. AJA

    Quick spruce by my lad

    Trying a different site -
  4. AJA

    Quick spruce by my lad Then copy and paste the Image URL.
  5. AJA

    Quick spruce by my lad

    Why do my pictures always disappear on this site? Everywhere else is fine.
  6. AJA

    Quick spruce by my lad

    My lad was climbing the walls yesterday, so he washed my car for me. He's done a pretty good job too; it might be a vocation for him. I'm a little miffed though as he's been the first person to use my products from EZ Car Care. EZ Citrus Pre Wash EZ Cherry Bomb Shampoo EZ Clarity Window &...
  7. AJA

    LED headlight bulb experiences

    No not been checked on a rig. I guess I'll find out at MOT time. Other people on the Insignia Owners Club are using them and have had no issues at MOT time.
  8. AJA

    Alternative to a CLS?

    Clarkson also said the Chrysler 300C was a good alternative to the Bentley! I'm sure the CC is a good enough car, but you'll always be pining over a CLS. No comparison in my eyes.
  9. AJA

    LED headlight bulb experiences

    I have fitted LED lamps in my wife's Vauxhall Insignia and they are a massive improvement on standard. They light up the road much better and no flashing from oncoming motorists so I guess they're all good. This is what I fitted - 50 / 50 shot of old and new - Night shots -
  10. AJA

    C43 converted to C55....

    According to Total Car Check it's currently declared SORN so shouldn't be a daily driver. Also it's still registered as a 4266cc so logbook probably not updated to reflect change in engine size.
  11. AJA

    Careful with your air freshner...

    Of course it was the air freshener. Smells fishy to me (no pun intended).
  12. AJA

    Mercedes Mobilo partnership with RAC

    I've been with the AA for years now. I have 'the works' including Breakdown Repair costs covered by them (up to £500 per claim). The last time I used them the wife had a Passat and they sent a VW Customer Care Van with a very knowledgable tech. The time before that I had a 320i and got a BMW...
  13. AJA

    Headlights w212 Mercedes

    Does this help you - Adjusting Headlights for Driving in Europe - MB Document with Diagrams
  14. AJA

    Mercedes W212 battery light on

    If the new battery sorts this out you'll need to report that to the garage that advised a new alternator.
  15. AJA

    How many V8 engined cars have you owned and what's your favourite

    One one V8 here - BMW 735i E38
  16. AJA

    P on Traffic Lights?

  17. AJA

    Mrs back in an MB

    If there are no pics it never happened. ;) lol
  18. AJA

    Chris Harris drives the ultimate 190 EVO 2

    Gorgeous. The 190, not Chris. ;)
  19. AJA

    Brake Hold

    Ok, got ya.
  20. AJA

    Brake Hold

    My brake hold on my 2014 E250 is applied by just a 'firmer' depress on the brake pedal. Not a second press.
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