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    40mph standard limit for country roads?

    Around here we have many rural thoroughfare B roads designed by the Romans, they tend to be erm, straight. We also have our share of single-lane winding lanes with passing places and other holes in the hedgerow designed by cattle (lane = cow-path). They are not the same are they. Nanny has...
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    whats this noise?

    But why is that pulley not running against the belt? Surely it is not supposed to spin freely?
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    Options At Trade In Time - A Main Dealer Speaks

    Full service mystery? Tracker?
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    Faulty tyre pressure warning system?

    Which would happen when blatting the M4 with flat tyres.
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    W210 01 menu

    You just press the "H" one to change the hour and the "M" one to change the minutes. Download manual (USA model) 2001 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Operators Manual E320 E430 E55AMG | PDF Service Manual - Free Download or this one, also Merikan...
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    W210 01 menu

    Three buttons each side of cluster on 210 The ones one RHS obscured by graphic legend Buttons for mystery triangle etc are on centre console.
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    broken parking brake cable (help please)

    Not getting picky but in post#5 I said, "It is the rear cable that has broken". My investigations at hanging upsidedown like a bat in the footwell indicated that access to the cables is not through the console at all.
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    broken parking brake cable (help please)

    Er, that would be a negatory.
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    How to retire moss from the low part of the glass

    I've been known to use copper fungicide (algae is related) But the toothbrush or similar is a must, they make excellent "detailing" brushes and they are very cheap. Do try using one with some warm water and car wash or soap. (I have not seen one of those Megs Triple Brushes for a while, orders...
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    Road re-surfacing with stone chippings, what a nightmare

    What vacuum road brush? (rofl) They've just completely resurfaced a road near here before fixing the drainage problem that is now sending a bourne across the road on the Z-bend and down the hill to the stream, it is supposed to be in its culvert. It's an old lane that follows a stream bed...
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    How to retire moss from the low part of the glass

    Forgive me but you may need to re-write that. You have "moss" growing from inside a rubber seal to some glass on the car? It is more likely to be algae than actual moss, although I have seen real moss growing on cars. Do try a toothbrush and a bucket of suds (car wash detergent and warm water).
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    Tyre Choice for S211 E320 CDI

    Hmm... I've always been fond of Michelin before switching to Falken solely due to cost, but I shall be considering the Goodyear Eagle F1 in future. There is a number on the tyres that none of them brag about, the tread wear number, the bigger it is the longer they last, allegedly. Do enquire...
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    Safety at work

    It does say they are "Unusual Tyre Stockists". They are certainly that.
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    W210 01 menu

    Does your car not also have little buttons on the dash console? Three on the left and three on the right? The rhs is used for changing the clock.
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    Friends car stolen but how?

    One "easy" method they use is to break in to the house and take the keys. Then the gamins push it silently off the drive and then drive it onto a transporter asap.
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    Typical tyre wear - scrubbing the inside edges?

    No car should be scrubbing the inside edges. The tracking is way off. By that I mean camber/castor and toe, needs 4-wheel alignment and not many machines do it properly.
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    Oil for W208

    There again I got 335k out of my Volvo245 running it on full syth. Engine was as sweet as a nut when it was written off by a big lorry whilst it was parked. Rest of car was a bit past its use-by. Imo Mobil 1 will preserve the engine for far longer than a conventional oil. Mobil 1 New Life meets...
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    broken parking brake cable (help please)

    Eh? -what car is this? Remove the console? On the S210 it looks pretty much like the entire front mechanism is exposed simply by dropping the driver's footwell cover, a couple of screws and Oddie nuts. But surely the front cable is the release mechanism? It is the rear cable that has broken...
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    new grill designs

    Hmmm, sharkskin grille ??? Really don't like the vile anodised slime green look though, barf !
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    Yokohama Vs Pirelli

    Interesting linky, but it reckons the Michelin PS2 has better wear than the Falken ZE912, better grip yes but IME worse wear rate. This would be borne out by the treadware numbers on the sidewalls. My PS2s got chewed up in about a year.
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