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  1. Dr-Nab

    Matt black wheels wax

    liquid elements r-evolve x or gtechniq c5 would be the best bet, just make sure the wheels are fully decontaminated before applying.
  2. Dr-Nab

    Buying HELP (E Coupe)

    I'd say the 350CDI over the 220/250CDI, but if you're not doing many miles go for a petrol 350. I got rid of my '11 E350 D6 Cabrio in July last year because the values were dropping at an alarming rate, think they've more or less tanked now and expect the same of the facelift but fortunately...
  3. Dr-Nab

    SLC Spyshots (SLK Facelift)

    :D Some toys will be out of the pram as well! I like the idea of the 450 Sport engine, a lot! But I want one with 4Matic as well, no dealership could tell me if/when it would be possible in something other than a GLC/E or whatever and I'm not really in to that. Judging by the press releases...
  4. Dr-Nab

    SLC Spyshots (SLK Facelift)

    So, it just uses the 450 sport engine and is "badged" as a full-fat AMG? Okay then!
  5. Dr-Nab

    E350 Coupe prices tumble

    Though you might think they are the same, there's quite a deal more interior space inside the E over the C imo... it's one of those where you have to have been in both to notice
  6. Dr-Nab

    Carbon fibre mirror covers

    Mercedes carbon fibre mirror covers. W204, W212, C207, A207, X204, W221. These are high quality carbon fibre mirrors manufactured by BOCA carbon, as fitted to many C63 or E63 models. I had these as a spare set for when I had my E-class convertible, they've never been fitted so are as new...
  7. Dr-Nab

    Carbon diffuser C207/A207 AMG bumper

    Carbon Fibre 3-fin diffuser for Mercedes E-Class Coupe or Cabriolet fitted with the AMG-Sport pack, this will only fit the AMG bumpers. Has clip fixings into the bumper along with screw points as per the OEM fitment as shown in the pictures. The carbon weave is top quality 3k twill, pre...
  8. Dr-Nab

    Gone to the dark side...

    My favourite colour for an Audi S or RS model not sure why they took it off the standard colour palette
  9. Dr-Nab

    Gone to the dark side...

    Thanks, no this is the S-Tronic dual clutch 'box.. which is ridiculously quick shifting Thanks :D Cheers Alps :D Am I banned from the stand next year? :doh: It is a bit shouty but I quite like it Thanks You'll love the first mod then :doh: Thanks, I actually don't think...
  10. Dr-Nab

    Gone to the dark side...

    *Puts on flameproof coat* And got myself an Audi S5 TFSI. Had pretty much every option box ticked and Audi Exclusive Sprint Blue paint. Obviously will be tuning it up, when I'm used to it. Got to be truthful, only had it for six days and I've taken to it much more than the E-Cabrio...
  11. Dr-Nab

    Tar deposits

    WD40 works well
  12. Dr-Nab

    Sprintbooster Gen 2 switchable

    Taken from my E-cabrio (350CDI) Sprintbooster gen 2 switchable, 452A - Automatic transmission only £100 inc postage
  13. Dr-Nab

    TRAX 2015 Silverstone- 19th July

    Just up at Northampton services on j15 - not seen so many cars on the way down here compared to last time but at least it's stopped raining now!
  14. Dr-Nab

    VÄTH - Experiences / UK Suppliers / Prices?

    Took a couple of days for them to get back to me.. a few years ago now but this is the email address of who contacted me: HTH :)
  15. Dr-Nab

    TRAX 2015 Silverstone- 19th July

    1. Alps - E55 - 1 car pass - 1 Ticket 2. Andy27168 - CLS55 - 1 Car Pass - 1 Ticket 3. mattk1 - CL55 - 1 Car Pass - 2 tickets 4. Unit504 - C55 - tbc 5. d w124 - 1 car pass 1 ticket 6. V8sam - C63 AMG - 1 car pass - 1 Ticket 7. Rashman - CLK63 - 1 car pass - 1 ticket (weather dependent) 8...
  16. Dr-Nab

    Bought a S205 today

    I'd say so - I had an email come through towards the end of last week from the fleet manager of my local MB dealer network, the headline points he was trying to get across was along the line of "get your staff into a Mercedes for Mondeo money"
  17. Dr-Nab

    Mercedes AMG-C63

    That Estate though, wow!
  18. Dr-Nab

    Mercedes AMG-C63

  19. Dr-Nab

    Carbon Performance!!!

    I know a fair bit on carbon from the far east and it is this simple - whatever price you want to pay is what they will make it at, in other words you pay for quality. I doubt any manufacturer in Europe will be able to compete with the far east as far as price goes just because of the cost of...
  20. Dr-Nab

    TRAX 2014 Silverstone Sunday 7th Sept

    Got my tickets thanks Alps! So then, who's telling Rash he's got to drive on and then park on grass? :D
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