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    W202 - should I choose 17" or 18" monoblocks

    Hi I have a set of 17 monoblocks staggered but could do with refurb of a c43 amg good tyres but need refurb stew
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    S211 E220CDI coolant leak

    Could be heater valve in blockhead with wiper motor at aguess
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    Mercedes 202 headlight wiper motor n/sf

    mercedes 202 headlight wiper motor ns/f doesn’t need to work thanks stew
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    P0101 Fault - Help!!

    Hi check inlet manifold manifold done a few now and bolt shears and blows plastic away
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    Mercedes w220 s320 long breaking

    hi all have a s320 long I’m breaking car is 2000 black and beige interior all parts availble stew
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    Mercedes w220 drivers side wing

    hi anyone got a w220 drivers side front wing for sale thanks
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    Mercedes c280 elegance 202 x reg £450

    Sold many thanks for all the interest
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    Mercedes w220 s class Doors

    hi does anyone know if limousine front doors are the same as normal s class w220 front doors thanks
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    Mercedes c280 elegance 202 x reg £450

    Mercedes c280 auto 1 years mot no text please | in Swanscombe, Kent | Gumtree
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    Mercedes c280 elegance 202 x reg £450

    Hi car is now gumtree Mercedes c280 elegance 595 on there 450 to forum member thanks
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    Hello and Help for an OldGirl (the car not me!) - Ignition not turning

    Ps look on YouTube for 124 ignition barrel removal
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    Hello and Help for an OldGirl (the car not me!) - Ignition not turning

    Hi ignition barrels are on eBay new for about £10 a simple job to change if you can get key to turn stew
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    Mercedes c280 elegance 202 x reg £450

    Car needed for mot some bushes front pads Brembo indicator bulbs as orange paint had peeled of
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    Mercedes c280 elegance 202 x reg £450

    mercedex c280 elegance 1 years mot no advisories as grey leather normal rust to front wings but underneath very solid mileage is 140k few scrapes to body drivers great Audio 10 CD player all electric works great for driver and minor restoration Mercedes blue black colour car located in Kent da11...
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    Project c240 sport

    No probs I will call tomorrow stew
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    Mercedes c280 1999 sport breaking

    all parts avaible give us a message for parts requests
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    Mercedes 202 sport black leather interior

    hi I have for sale a black 4 door sport leather interior out of a 1999 c280 sport looking for £200.00 thanks for looking
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    Project c240 sport

    Hi could you contact me as due to losing workshop I need to get shot of car stew
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    Project c240 sport

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    Project c240 sport

    Hi front end of chassis legs where knocked over and bonnet damaged oaf wing by being push into it at corner near windscreen will put photos up on Monday stew
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