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  1. wkdc230k

    Any plans for the next motor

    Hi jamefuller, I know what you mean I am at the moment thinking long and hard. I have just gotten a W202 C280 V6 traded up for my C230K and the plan was always to upgrade in Feb, but what to? As this will be my car for more than 2 years. I have narrowed it down to 3 possibilities. W202 C43...
  2. wkdc230k

    4 wheel tracking check free Romford essex

    Might have to pop over and pay them a visit. Thanks for the post. :rock:
  3. wkdc230k

    Helllo - I'm a Newbie seeking advise

    Nice choice, big fan of the sl
  4. wkdc230k

    New 2013 E Class

    Stunning love the look of it.
  5. wkdc230k

    Surprised, In a happy way.

    That is a very good mpg return.
  6. wkdc230k

    Hello from new CL500 owner

    Hi and Welcome:)
  7. wkdc230k


    Hello and welcome :thumb::thumb:
  8. wkdc230k

    Here is My C230K

    Trying a new image host <table style="width:auto;"><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" height="96" width="144"...
  9. wkdc230k

    Fame at Last.

    Well done :thumb::thumb:
  10. wkdc230k

    Little '99 C230K still has it in her

    Me too, please share :rock:
  11. wkdc230k

    What were you doing? - September 11th 2001

    No problem I do apologise:doh::doh:
  12. wkdc230k

    What were you doing? - September 11th 2001

    And next you gonna say the same thing about Lockerbie and all terrorist attacks especially the attacks on London 7/7/05 .........sorry but I strongly disagree, sorry but that is the daftest thing I have heard in years. So what you are saying is that our armed forces are doing what they are...
  13. wkdc230k

    New member says hello

    Hi and welcome Andy how South West are you:thumb:
  14. wkdc230k

    What were you doing? - September 11th 2001

    I was standing in total disbelief. Little did I know that exactly to the day a year later I would be shot through the face by a high jacker. Thankfully after 172 stitches to my face and a denture I was reunited with my family. Where as all those that had perished on that dark day. May all the...
  15. wkdc230k

    Joined to say thanks

    Hi and welcome there is an abundance of knowledge on here which is AWESOME:rock::rock:
  16. wkdc230k

    'Brabus' E55 with comedy exhausts

    Waahhaaa I second that next they are gonna come up with 3 on left and 2 on the right............that makes it a "one off " :D
  17. wkdc230k

    Which W202?

    My natural choice would be the 230 Kompressor as I have one. Driven the 280 and found the V6 very lazy but super smooth against the 230K, and I was dead set on getting a 280 and did not consider 230k till I took one for a test drive and bought it right there so happy that I did. The only...
  18. wkdc230k


    Hellooooo and welcome :thumb:
  19. wkdc230k

    Fuel Economics

    33 mpg from a 180k that's not very good when I get 30 - 33 in my 230k auto and that is combined motorway and town and lot older car.
  20. wkdc230k

    What is this button??

    Brief moment of feeling like James Bond :D
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