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    w211 sbc C2498 error code

    When the brushes or pump start to show signs of wear the system picks up that it is taking too long to reach the correct pressure and will warn you of such. If it is just the number of cycles counter then it will allow you to reset it and carry on as normal, as the pump is working fine. The...
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    w211 sbc C2498 error code

    WARNING! If this does not make sense to you then I would recommend not attempting it as you can royally screw up your car. Try this: Make sure engine is running! In Developer mode you need to go to Entwickelingsdaten - > ansteueringen -> Gesamstliste aller Ansteuerungen to see how many times...
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    W211 E500 Avantgarde. Tanzanite blue

    Now sold and on its way to the new owner. Thank you for a quick and easy transaction.
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    W211 E500 Avantgarde. Tanzanite blue

    Bump and price adjustment. We just have no need for two cars anymore. £2,850.
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    When viewing a car...

    Is it that difficult to ask the seller what the registration number is amongst any other questions you may have? I am more than happy to let a potential buyer know so that they can carry out an mot check.
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    W211 E500 Avantgarde. Tanzanite blue

    Now that the wedding and prom night duties are over it is time to re-advertise my car. 52 plate, W211 Avantgarde spec in Tanzanite blue and beige interior. 130k miles. MOT until 5th Oct (no advisories). Just had the engine oil (MB 229.5) changed with Mann oil filter. It has: Comand with...
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    SBC W211 e class

    +3 :thumb:
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    W220 airmatic issue

    MB designed the system to have a self-cleaning filter by releasing the pressure back through the filter and blowing out any trapped dirt. But I think it doesn't work that way as my filter was an absolute mess and a new one is cheap and easy to replace. It could be that your control block is...
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    Whats that then?.

    Good guess! 24 years in the RN as a submariner.... Another one: Steaming bats....
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    Whats that then?.

    How about? Babies heads! Sh*t on a raft. A crab fat. :D
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    Drivers headrest temperamental

    The headrest motor soldered connections have cracked. Fairly common issue and easily fixed if you can use a soldering iron. The cable running to the motor inside the seat pulls on the soldered connections and eventually they crack and cause intermittent failure. Here is a link to how to...
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    55K plug lead removal tool

    This tool is almost essential for all the MB V6/8 petrol engines.
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    yet another watch thread.........

    I am a fan of the Junghans Mega Solar range. I had a titanium one that was perfect for me but gifted it to my son when I was moving to the USA as it didn't pick up the American time signal. Its replacement is the Junghans Force Mega Solar with black ceramic case and strap which has had many...
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    Transmission Fluid, Torque Converter or not?

    Maybe they misunderstood. I cannot think of any issues that could be caused by changing the ATF. To me, it sounds like them not wanting to take the extra time to flush out the old oil. Not all cars are fitted with a TC drain. Tony
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    Transmission Fluid, Torque Converter or not?

    The transmission and the torque converter are both fed by the same oil supply. The oil left inside the TC will be just as old as the oil drained from the sump. How would you feel if the garage told you they were only going to drain half of your engine oil and then top it back up when doing an...
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    2003 E240 W211 - Noise Help

    Describe the noise, please. It could be any number of things and probably meant to happen.
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    Euro-tunnel experiences?

    When I was working in France I used it regularly and never had a problem of note. Just drove on the train in the UK and off again in France 30 minutes later and the reverse upon returning. Most times I never left my car and dozed through the journey. I seem to remember the prices were cheaper...
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    Spark plug mix and match

    If you are paying someone else to do the job then ask for the old plugs back. When I bought my C32 it had a receipt for having all 12 plugs renewed not long before I bought it and the seller said it was a trusted mechanic who had worked on all his cars. I found that only the front cylinders had...
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    w211 passengerside doorhandle

    It is designed so that the handle can be removed without removing any door panels. If the mechanism that the handle sits in is broken then the inner door panel will require removing.
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    Juddering wiper blades

    If the screen and blades are clean then juddering can be caused by incorrect blade angle. It should be perpendicular to the screen so they flex enough to clear the water on both strokes. If it is not perpendicular when the blade is moving with the acute angle trailing, the blade skips and...
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