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    The Value Of Used Cars.

    my purchasing strategies have changed signifficantly, I've been umming and ahhing about what to replace my GTR with after the insurance payout, and in the end i've decided nothing - there has always been a loss associated with owning sports/exotica, but at the moment I'm sitting tight with my 3k...
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    4 Michelin at Costco

    no - they mailed saying you wouldn't get it, but michelin have no way of checking this it looks like i got my 20% too :)
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    wheel refurb

    looks good - well worth it i'd say
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    125th Anniversary Event @ Mercedes Benz World, Brooklands

    not sure i agree with the first part of your statement, you ever tried to keep a car in the drift like that? i mean even allowing for the fact i'm rubbish i doubt i'd get one full lap out
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    Is this seller for real

    i think he owes me some money when he sells it - thats looks just like my slk after i stacked it into the tyres at coombe :)
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    If AMG went solo?

    isn't that hybrid of performace and luxury the whole point of the amg cars? my GTR is the fastest thing i've ever driven around a circuit (i've driven faster cars, but not as forgiving of my lack of driving skills) but it rattles, and bits don't quite fit 100% right, its a bit of a hard ride on...
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    Smart - Winter Edition?

    Welcome to BIG Performance might help ;)
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    Smart - Winter Edition?

    talk to ian at big performance - he's got more smart modifying knowledge than you can shake a large stick at.....last i heard he was building a double axle pickup 4-2 :) better still - do it in a crossblade, then i'd be really impressed ;)
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    4 Michelin at Costco

    hehe - just had an email off RMA telling me i need to be a member to use the discount voucher. I had a chat with our lawyer at work as i couldn't see anything on the email they sent me or the t's and c's that michelin put on the voucher saying you had to be a current member of RMA.....she...
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    What do I do?

    if the budget was less than 150.00 then i'd say you got about the job you paid for....any more and i'd be back there....actually i'd be back there anyways, i could do a better job than that with rattle cans and cuttinng compound.
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    4 Michelin at Costco

    mmm, i asked today and they said any retailer of michelin tyres, no mention in t's and c's of authorised dealers Purchase 4 new Michelin tyres from a dealer of your choice. in fact costco are listed on the dealer locator in the email - so i'd say they have to honour this one... Michelin...
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    4 Michelin at Costco

    Hi all, just got this from rma, its supposedly members only, but doesn't do any checking - get 20% further off the costco 20% off price :) MICHELIN : EXCLUSIVE OFFER FROM MICHELIN no guarantees, but i got the voucher, and checked with michelin and so long as my receipt says 4
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    W211 and Parrot mki9200 problem

    I'd doubt its the parrot box, they rarely go faulty in this way. This sounds like you have an amplifier from the description (or the speaker wires aren't plugged in via the parrot) if you want to find out if its the parrot box, unplug the speaker connection and put two of the same coloured...
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    Chav behaviour

    basically the guys a tosser who can't drive, but he wasn't going that fast - compare him to the cyclists and pedestrians..... i was a bit dissapointed the bus didnt flatten him though!
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    4 Michelin at Costco

    off topic, but there is a sergeant in the army who gets announced on the radio occasionally called Jack Twatt - you can kind of sense the snigger when they say his name ;)
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    electric vs petrol hedge trimmers

    having used both petrol and electric on my hedges, i'd reccomend the petrol every time, yes its noisier, you have to have petrol around, and its a pain to start first time every year, but the difference is incredible - the first time you use a petrol hedgetrimmer after an electric one, its like...
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    Powerline Networking

    same here on the interference, i cured it by wiring my music room differently to the rest of the house (neutral and earth round one side of the room, live the other...) not entirely sure why it worked, but was dabbling with mains conditioners and the like and one of the voodoo doctor hifi...
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    Ebay - a few tools for sale

    depends if you can be bothered to spend the time splitting them.... it'd be a nice retirement investment job for someone, whack your lump sum into that and spend the next 10 years selling them off 1 by 1 ;) quick tot up with basic averaging says new costs would be nearer to 150k, and given...
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    W208 covertible roof storage compartment

    good how to on topping up fluid in the how to section :)
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