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  1. vijilants

    OM642 glow plugs

    From what I am aware and of my personal experience on changing my controller, the white backed unit is the newer style controller. As for the glow plugs, I would recommend going directly to Mercedes for the parts as they are not that expensive and you are sure to get the correct glowplug.
  2. vijilants

    How to trust Automatic Transmission (722.6)

    Did you also change the controller plate when the gearbox was installed. These do fail.
  3. vijilants

    OM642 Engine Mounts

    Not sure but this may help....
  4. vijilants

    Wrapping w204 C class wing mirrors

    Yep I had mine wrapped and if I get the chance I will post a pic. It was done by Vampire tints in Penge, and they came out really well. Also as above, they can be stripped down.
  5. vijilants

    204 front calipers

    Personally I use Castrol red rubber grease on the sliding pins and Mintex Ceretec on the areas of the caliper housing where the pads slide. This time around I did the pads myself. The previous owner had them done by Mercedes however the pins were near seized and rusted as they clearly had not...
  6. vijilants

    204 front calipers

    1) Remove the front retaining spring, 2) Remove the two 13 mm carrier retaining bolts, 3) Disconnect wear sensor, 4) Remove carrier and pads and clean carrier and the points where the pads slide. 5) Remove the two slide pins, clean and lubricate with the correct lubricant. 6 )Reassemble with new...
  7. vijilants

    Alternator regulator

    Is that the secret menu that brings up the voltages om the speedo ?.....I saw the Merc technician doing it on my car but never found out how to access it. Can you advise on how to get to it ? Btw, well done for changing the regulator. I've also replaced several rectifiers on Mercedes as well...
  8. vijilants

    w202 whole lot of electric problems

    Sounds like it could possibly be the does some weird things when it goes wrong. When mine went in my previous W202, the wipers , indicators etc started playing up. Contact these guys and see what they say / think. Mercedes key specialists- Need new Mercedes keys...
  9. vijilants


    I recently had a Howdens kitchen fitted. Good quality but if you haggle with them they will take thousands off. Don't go with their first figure....note that if you deal with them directly you need a trade account. Benchmarx also do similar kitchens.
  10. vijilants

    Few pics of Carbon fibre wrap on bumpers i had done yesterday

    May I ask where you had this done as I was also looking to have a few minor items carbon wrapped or dipped.
  11. vijilants

    Warning - W124 320 CE front brake discs pre and post 1993 facelift

    It is always worth checking with the dealership for a quote on brakes. On another vehicle that I own, the dealership price for disks was far cheaper that ECP with all of their discounts. In that particular instance I also had an issue with disk diameter as there were several options, which ECP...
  12. vijilants

    Battery warning light w204

    More often than not it is the diode pack that fails on an alternator. You simply remove the alternator, remove the rear cover and the diode pack bolts in to the back of the unit. These are available from Mercedes or a Bosch supplier at a fraction of the cost of a new alternator.
  13. vijilants

    New Member - W123 Coupe

    This engine was not a part of the W123 coupe range.....somebody has transplanted it in, and if it is a 200, its a damn shame.
  14. vijilants

    New Member - W123 Coupe

    It looks like a 4 pot M102 200 engine with a Stromberg carb that were fitted to the W123 200 model. The engine number if I remember correctly is printed on to the side of the block below the spark plugs.
  15. vijilants

    New Member - W123 Coupe

    Can you post a pic of the engine so that it can be identified ?
  16. vijilants

    Newbie! - Question on Air filters. Mann, Bosch, Febi Bilstein or Something else.

    My genuine Mercedes air filters had Mann stamped on them.
  17. vijilants

    No more service history booklets ??

    Just the single stamp.
  18. vijilants

    No more service history booklets ??

    Update: I acquired a blank service history booklet, went down to the dealership, they made me wait over 30 minutes until somebody bothered to come out and see me, and I eventually got the book stamped. I can't say that I am impressed with this particular dealership. To add to it all the...
  19. vijilants

    Garage Recommendation SE London

    You can try this place. I've used them several times. The owner was an ex Mercedes dealership engineer and very knowledgeable on the older models... Deutsch Motors Ltd Address: 5, Hastings Rd Postcode: CR0 6PH City/Town: Croydon (London) Contact: 020 8406 7866
  20. vijilants

    No more service history booklets ??

    After creating this post, on the day I also purchased one from ebay and am awaiting delivery. I contacted the dealership and they said that they will stamp it when I come in.
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