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    1993 E320 Cabriolet 5 speed transmission

    Good news, well done. I bought a new transmission control module (HGS) and installed it to ensure it was OK. It wasn't. It reported error 9 control valve and I couldn't clear the code. I replaced my 30 year old original and all is well. Interesting about the tight cable. Shall give thought to...
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    1993 E320 Cabriolet 5 speed transmission

    I should have thought the switch is under the gear lever, no? The switch on my 722.5 box (300CE-24) is Part 80 in the diagram above. It is located under the gear lever to the right of where the arrow from Part 77 goes. I would call that bottom right when sitting in the car with the centre...
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    Roof Trim

    Find the part number and you're 50% there. R
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    engine swap for w108

    Surely the money spent in this would far outweigh the fuel savings, unless you intend to use it as a taxi. No? RayH
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    NOS dashboards for W107, W123, W124, W126, R129. LHD and RHD.

    A black, W124, LHD dashboard sounds interesting. Although my wife feels that we're now awash with MB parts!!! Do you have one? If so, what price? All the best. RayH
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    Oris Roofboxes W123 Colour code

    Another alternative is to spray them car body colour. That looked pretty good on our old 280TE. RayH
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    Buying Merc Parts Is where I buy all my genuine MB parts. RayH
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    MB specialist Wiltshire

    It is worth it. I drove from the Dordogne so stop whining about Wiltshire!!! With the greatest respect. RayH
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    W124 c124 inner wing repair help

    Worth trying them on the cheap €54 part if that's a part you need. If all goes well, get other bits. I've done that with a number of suppliers, especially if they are claiming to supply genuine MB parts. Good hunting. RayH
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    r129 SL500 exhaust - Imasaf replacement

    Is this it? EBERSPÄCHER 23.590.80 I think AutoDoc lists this as MERCEDES-BENZ OE-1294900221. R
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    Underbody Screws

    And if you're keeping the car for ever, buy them from a chandlers as they should be stainless steel!! R
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    Premium package confusion

    Blimey, what a huge amount of stuff. I'd be tempted to find a simpler car with FAR less to go wrong. Unless I was only going to keep it for 18 months!!! Best to all. RayH
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    Crankshaft position sensor

    Agree 100%. Mine is newer but there's no reason to suspect the 30 year old original - it's still in stock and may have been in the boot in Horndean!!! - remember? I was doubtless fixing what ain't broke. In reply to the above, yes, the heatsink compound is something I'm well aware of. Applied...
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    Crankshaft position sensor

    I cannot understand how I grilled 2 EZLs in 4 months last year. MB European service suggested that I change my ignition switch. So I have. But I'm dashed if I understand how the ignition switch could have killed 2. Or was it just rotten luck. Both my spares were secondhand at about £250 each...
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    Crankshaft position sensor

    Broadly with you on that. I've got some MB original plugs in stock but NGK installed. MB Diesel spec 5W30 oil (it's dead cheap) and Bosch cap and rotor. Beru leads. MB oil filters and Mann air filter. Brake and box fluid installed by PCS in Horndean so assumed to be good stuff. About 3 years...
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    Crankshaft position sensor

    Mine's been installed for years. It's from Hella. I replaced it for no reason and kept the original. They are very reliable, in my experience. Yes, I use AutoDoc for all non-MB bits. R
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    Crankshaft position sensor

    Original MB part appears to be available at my usual supplier here: KFZ Teile Profis - Ersatzteile, Autoteile, Originalteile für alle Automarken Part number A0021539028. This is for my 300CE-24 so it's very likely to be the same. RayH
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    W124 Key Cylinder (Ignition Barrel) replacement HELP

    I replied to this earlier but it didn't work. Oh well! See this link: W124 E,CE,D,TD Class Where I link to here: - Login Where you will need to register but it may be worth it. RayH
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    w124 ignition replacement question- black collar stuck

    This can be a pain, but see here: I link from there to a UK 190 site that requires registration. The answer is on the UK 190 site, I think. RayH
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    W124 Key Cylinder (Ignition Barrel) replacement HELP

    Do go for a decent brand but Febi may not be. I say "MAY not be". You never know with Febi. We're changing the barrel on my son's 190 for the genuine MB one I have. It was installed in a complete, new MB lock/switch assembly. I removed it by making the recommended too. It wouldn't budge. I...
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