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  1. ewans

    CLS Brakes

    Picked up a 2013 plate CLS 250 CDI AMG last week. The brakes are IMO awful, feel very soft to me, i have to really stomp on the brake pedal to see any kind of urgent braking. I didn't expect this given this model is supposed to have the better "sports braking system". Appreciate its a big lump...
  2. ewans

    CD stuck in audoi 20 head unit

    Fixed it, thanks for all the tips
  3. ewans

    CD stuck in audoi 20 head unit

    We seem to have a CD stuck in the drive in our B class, i think the head unit is the audio 20. press the eject button and nothing happpens, nor will the Cd play or even be detected by the unit... but its definently in there! Any suggestion on how to get it out? thanks e
  4. ewans

    terminating an Agility finance agreement

    thanks, can i sell the car privetly and use the proceeds to pay the Agility finance off keeping difference? Given that i'm not the owner of the car as such (Agility is far as i understand it) not sure if i can do this.
  5. ewans

    terminating an Agility finance agreement

    All, i have another 17months to run on an Agility finance deal for a B class. I'm thinking about changing this for a Skoda Octavia estate vrs, there are some cracking deals on the go at the moment and the B is a great car but too dull for me! Question is, how would this work? can i pay the...
  6. ewans

    How does an Indi update the cars DSR

    Its service time and i'm thinking about using an Indi specialist as there is approx £175 difference in cost between them and the main dealer. I asked MB customer services how the Indi can update the Digital Service Record (DSR) and they said, go to the
  7. ewans

    B class service - car says B, ESS says A

    My 11 month old, 7800 miles, B180 petrol is telling me a B service is due in 30 days, but the ESS report from the MB site says an A service is due... bit confused why would the car think it needs a major service after a little under 8K miles. Anyone else seen this kind of thing?
  8. ewans

    Any B class owners please? what do you think of them

    My review of B180 Petrol is here Best economy i've had is 51MPG on a 40mile moterway run thats for the B180 Petrol.
  9. ewans

    C63 finance offer from MB, very tempting

    even the stock model is a pretty good spec IMO - leather, adaptive xenon, sunroof, mp3, cruse control etc. only thing i'd consider adding would be parking sensors.
  10. ewans

    C63 finance offer from MB, very tempting

    Link to the deal here Mercedes-Benz UK - C-Class Saloon - Agility Finance offers... seems good value to me, unsuer of the baloon is good or bad, need somone with more skills for decoding PCP finance to answer that one.
  11. ewans

    C63 finance offer from MB, very tempting

    Really surprised by how affordable the C63 is, on the MB wesite the deal is £7K deposit, £4K.5 dealer contribution then £629 a month! i though it would be so much more expensive... the local dealer is having a summer BBQ try before you buy event on Saturady, and its my birthday... very tempted...
  12. ewans

    Q for oscilloscope savvy forumites?

    my dad switch to digital units from CRT's a couple of years ago (for NDT of welds/metal fabrication rather than electronics) very happy so far and pleased that he doesn't need to lug the old CRT box around anymore.
  13. ewans

    Chips Away

    i used the glasgow franchise and they were very good, painted the whole pannel not just the damaged area - but as other say everyone will be differnet so it will be done to their experience level etc. why not as them for some references of pleased MB customers?
  14. ewans

    Baby car seats, travel solutions?

    we currently have a Bebe Comfort (maxi cosi by another name) Streety travel system which is desinged to take up minimal space and weigh as little as possible. Its very good for leaving in the boot and folds down to very small footprint, only £200 inc. the car seat. We had a M&P Ultima to start...
  15. ewans

    Getting a bit bored of the CLK...(are you bored with your car?)

    i was bored with my current car the day after i bought it but ho hum needs bust and all that... in an idedal world it would be accompanied by something from those rear engine boys in stuttgart to balance things out.
  16. ewans

    Just bought my 2nd merc - i really have this time!

    I had the same problem in the B class, found that i needed to sit upright more and slouch less to get comforatble.. basicly sit correctly and it was very confotrable and supportive. was just a hard habit to break from slouching a lot in my previous car.
  17. ewans

    Finaly, decent MPG from BlueEfficany petrol

    after 5000 miles i'm finaly starting to get decent MPG from my B180 BlueEfficancy petrol - 51MPG on a short hop along the M8.
  18. ewans

    Disaster in the household.

    Dont all Dysons have a 5 year warrenty.... if its only 4 years old give em a call
  19. ewans

    learning a little more about who we talk to

    Name: Ewan Age: 35 Country: UK Currently drive: B180 (its not that bad before anyone starts) Best car owned: Z4 Employment: Technical director of medium size software company 10 years ago i was: thiner, hairier (up top), better at dancing, drinking, sh*gging etc.
  20. ewans

    any share traders here ?

    Not wanting to hijack but where would someone who knows nothing about stocks and investing (that would be me) go to find out the basics, get an online trading account set up and understand what the hell you lot are talking about! It's somthing ive wanted to try for a while, some pointers to...
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