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  1. imbck666

    E220 cdi facelift gearbox woes... Help please

    Hi all... W211 e220 cdi 2007 facelift... Since i bought the car its always been slow on moving off from stationary. Put foot down on accelerator and it would creep forward for a second, after few meters it would move off as normal and rocket off... No issues with turbo at all smooth gear...
  2. imbck666

    Mercedes W124 AMG Ducktail Spoiler RARE

    Ive been calling Raj all day and messages sent.. proof is on my phone with no response at all.. Once a response is mate with a paypal address a refund will be made as i cannot find the paypal email address on file after 30 days.
  3. imbck666

    Mercedes W124 AMG Ducktail Spoiler RARE

    ive been calling all morning trying to get through to him but got no answer.. sent 3 sms messages.. waiting for a reply now so i can issue a refund
  4. imbck666

    Mercedes W124 AMG Ducktail Spoiler RARE

    Im not starting on you sir i dont know you... Im trying to call the buyer now so this can be resolved with a refund but he is not picking up. I will carry on calling. Lets not jump to conclusions as im trying to resolve it. Thanks
  5. imbck666

    Mercedes W124 AMG Ducktail Spoiler RARE

    My homepage on the family is set to this site i was not active. Everytime a automatic login is made is shows active on this site. O I dont need you to tell me im lying without knowing anything! I will discuss with the buyer a refund which is not for anyone to talk about. This i think is going a...
  6. imbck666

    Mercedes W124 AMG Ducktail Spoiler RARE

    Right... I have just been on the Forums now.. havnt been on in a while.. and seen this thread about me... People just comment on so many aspects they dont know about.. How could anyone call me a rat when they dont even know the facts or anything? Ive been on this forum for a very very long time...
  7. imbck666

    AMG 17 Inch Alloy Wheels... Reps

    Listed for cheap quick sale email me for BUY IT NOW... Mercedes Amg 17 Inch Alloys Wheels Rims | eBay
  8. imbck666

    w124 amg front bumper for sale

    Just listed my AMG REPLICA FRONT bumper for sale on ebay GRAB A BARGAIN MEMBERS! Brand New never used or fitted to my car No w124 anymore so needs to go.. Mercedes W124 AMG Front Bumper NEW | eBay
  9. imbck666

    W210 E240 Stalling, not starting... Help!

    Cheers :)
  10. imbck666

    W210 E240 Stalling, not starting... Help!

    Thanks guys! So i guess the fault codes coming up with throttle position and maf are all interlinked to the CPS issue then? And one more question... there are 2 brands of CPS One is FEBi and other is BOSCH.. Which one should I go for? Any difference?
  11. imbck666

    W210 E240 Stalling, not starting... Help!

    Hi all, 2001 facelift w210 E240 M112 with problems.. Quite recently the car started to crank but not start when warm/hot. I would have to wait 10-15 mins and then it would start no problem. Stalled on me a few times on the road (at creeping speeds) as well.. which is not nice... dont mind...
  12. imbck666

    Bluewater meet 31st May 2014

    Joining in guys if you dont mind :) 210 E240 '02 1. sjmaxwell 2. The_Don 3. Ten elena +1 4. Suky Sangha 5. Tony (jotter22) 6. pstock 7. CRH71 8. imbck666
  13. imbck666

    Mercedes W124 AMG Ducktail Spoiler RARE

    Mercedes W124 AMG Ducktail Spoiler RARE FOR SALE W124 AMG ducktail spoiler 3 piece one but i dont have the corner pieces as i bought it like this for my project Very rare!!!!! Pickup available from se1 southeast london Condition is good just has primer on. Selling as i have got rid of my...
  14. imbck666

    Eurocarparts discount?

    Hi all ;) back on the forums after a long break living abroad in the sunny cyprus ;) What on earth happened to the mbclub25 discount for eurocarparts? I tried it yesterday but i just got a message saying it was either expired or not working? Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  15. imbck666

    W210 E200 Starting issue.. Help pls!

    Connected to star no faults at all.. cant be the key tried both.. Tried starting in N and P.. still no change..
  16. imbck666

    W210 E200 Starting issue.. Help pls!

    No replies? BUMP
  17. imbck666

    W210 E200 Starting issue.. Help pls!

    Hi all, w210 E200 98' M111 engine.. All was well until today, got in the car put electronic key in, all lights on dash light up.. but no crank.. Sounds like a loud click from the starter, all lights on dash dim but no crank or start... Tried jumping the car with leads, no help...
  18. imbck666

    W210 OBD Port

  19. imbck666

    Most economical speed on W210 E200

    Im licensed to fly anything like in the first picture, but until I find a job I can only afford to privately rent the little one every weekend :) The little aircraft you posted, is actually a fair size, 12 seats :) can fly from london to spain no problem.
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