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  1. Tack

    Pics of my new C63

    I love the C63, I could not imagine not having it at the moment. No other car I looked at made me smile like this.
  2. Tack

    Pics of my new C63

    You had a GTR before this? How are you finding the AMG after that? I was looking at GTR's and 911 Turbos when I chose the C63.
  3. Tack

    Pics of my new C63

    Red is of course the best C63 colour. What spec does it have? Reference meets. Pistonheads Sunday service sometimes goes there, but it would be great to have a C63 meet there.
  4. Tack

    AMG North Hampshire Breakfast Run - 22nd Sept 2013

    Thanks for orginising this run. It was good to see and heat all those V8's and their owners.
  5. Tack

    C63 - new tyres please

    Take mine for a spin tomorrow if ya want get an idea what they are like on Conti SP5's. Just fitted 2 new rears. they lasted 5100 miles.
  6. Tack

    AMG North Hampshire Breakfast Run - 22nd Sept 2013

    1. Peppermint - C63 AMG Coupe 2. Bryan Allman - SLK55 AMG 3. Rashman - CLK63 AMG Coupe 4. c240sport97 - CLS55 - possibly 5. Donshl - CLS55 6. Acej - SL63 - jet lag permitting 7. Seven - C63 Estate 8. Bruno Chaves - E55AMG 9. Tack - C63 Coupe. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17...
  7. Tack

    C63 difference in insurance from previous cars !!

    I am 43, live in a nice quiet rural area. My quote with LV was £423. Just for info, £1800 is simply ridiculous.
  8. Tack

    AMG owners near me?

    That could well be a very noisy event. Sign me up! Ps, Southampton here (as mentioned by Mr Blond) so not far.
  9. Tack


    I have it in my C63 coupe, reception is generally excellent and I live in the New forest. I would not want to be without Absolute 90's!
  10. Tack

    German marques event, Beaulieu motor museum

    You are probably the only one able to pick it up mate, if you don't mind. Been a bit bit amiss lately due to feeling under the weather.
  11. Tack

    German marques event, Beaulieu motor museum

    No Problem Vin, I guess this is a long shot, but anyone travelling from that area that could collect?
  12. Tack

    German marques event, Beaulieu motor museum

    I pm'd Koolvin about that but I he has not replied, so I guess officially we do not have a club stand.
  13. Tack

    Performance upgrades

    To be fair, any mod runs a risk of damaging your engine. These mods from Acid are tried and tested, as much as they can be anyway. I appreciate you don't want to blow the engine, but if you are that worried and you seem to be, leave it alone!
  14. Tack

    Rebellion C63 Dyno testing..

    However, back on topic. Great results, Phil. What about any torque increase, mid range or top end. I assume throttle response is improved?
  15. Tack

    Rebellion C63 Dyno testing..

    As I see it his ban was for the comment about endless self promotion and I guess other comments else where (not seen these). If I were a sponsor on this site doing as much development as Rebellion and payin for the privalidge, I am damn sure I would be self promoting too. However, a ban was...
  16. Tack

    German marques event, Beaulieu motor museum

    1. CTR5 2. Ierton 3. Tack
  17. Tack

    German marques event, Beaulieu motor museum

    I would not say it's official. I was trying to get some numbers to make it so. I would look a little sad to be stood there on my own with a club stand. :)
  18. Tack

    Say hello to my little friend

    I agree, what an awesome day for this to arrive. I hope you enjoy the sun in your new shiny toy. Looks fantastic!
  19. Tack

    PistonHeads Sunday Service - 21st July

    Plus it is Vauxhall ;)
  20. Tack

    My trip to Le Mans 2013

    Personally, I think he should come with me to Regal and we can then compare the ppplus and the remapped version. ;)
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