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  1. sspeed

    R.I.P Malcolm aka Television

    I have just been informed by Dave Enty about Malcolms passing. I am genuinely sorry to hear this. I liked Malcolm.. He was very supportive to my Mum at a certain time. It will take some time for me to digest this sad news... Thanks for all your advice and knowledge over the years mate. RIP
  2. sspeed

    w211 oil change

    I bought it fron a local car accessory shop (Motorcare... Part of a large chain).. I needed 2 x 5 litres because my car holds 8.5 litres... I used the "Longlife fully synthetic 5W-40 and its £38.99 for a 5 litre Can. Exceptionally good oil that was originally developed for Juggernaughts (Yes...
  3. sspeed

    w211 oil change

    For the first time I have used Millers fully synthetic.. VERY impressed with the engines smoothness as soon as the new oil was added. I shall be using it in future.. Cheaper than Mobil 1 and MUCH cheaper than Castrol Edge !!
  4. sspeed

    Sunday 30th november Gamebird St.helens

    Thanks Dave for pointing this out..
  5. sspeed

    CLK320 Cdi (56 plate)

    My Brother is selling his CLK320 Cdi which used to be mine.. He wants £8500 (No Offers) I paid 10,500 about 6 months ago.. I sold it to him about 3 months ago for £9500 Bi Xennons COMAND Sat Nav system Karmon Hardon HiFi 17" wheels Fiscon Pro Blue tooth Phone prep upgrade done by COMAND...
  6. sspeed

    Leather steering wheel / airbag

    Just changed my steering wheel on the CLK (2006) over to a wood/leather one and so I am selling the one that was on originally. The colour I would describe as "Mushroom".. You judge (photo below). Not sure how much its worth (yet) so offers invited and then its the dreaded eBay.
  7. sspeed

    AMG style 3's in 17"

    As above.. Can you give details (offset figures) Are they staggered? What car are they on?
  8. sspeed

    End Of Year Scottish GTG

    Anyone doing a stop over or is it a early set off event (John)?? I can certainly do it there and back in a day.
  9. sspeed

    North west meet feeler

    I would be up for an occasional meet up..
  10. sspeed

    Rear tyre wear on A209

    I too found the Pirelli P Zero's EXTREMELY soft in compound.. When I aquired my car the rear tyres were about a third worn and yet 6 weeks later I needed new tyres!! I replaced with Goodyear F1 Eagle assymetrics and they are wearing far far better and quieter as well.
  11. sspeed

    Bought myself an A45 AMG today

    Try here.. Mercedes A Class W176 alloys | Alloy Wheels Direct Ltd Well done on buying your AMG at such a youthfull age. Enjoy it mate..
  12. sspeed

    Will new 7G gearbox erase my remap?

    Do your reversing lights come on when you engage reverse? Possibly a connection problem as the parking sensors are activated with the reversing lights.
  13. sspeed

    service interval for 7g gearbox

    7G = 7 speed 5G = 5 speed 5G is the older type and is much easier to service. The 7G requires a special pump to fill up the ATF via the drain plug (Yes seriously) and it has to be done at the correct temperature, hence the use of STAR.
  14. sspeed

    Sat Nav fails too work

    As a matter of interest does it play a music CD ? It should do.. If it does then its likely you have a dodgy NAV DVD
  15. sspeed

    C63 amg

    Dont be too upset you have the "paupers" version of discs.. My discs are £500 + each !!!!!
  16. sspeed

    engine oil level

    The method described below doesnt work on all MB's but try it anyway.. Note: If the engine has just been running, let the vehicle stand for around 10-15 minutes before starting this procedure. 1. Make sure that your display in your cluster is set to the default Outside Temp setting, then turn...
  17. sspeed

    Gearbox oil change

    Tried to PM you but cant until your posts are up a bit.. Here you go.. Oil Check Procedure. Note: If the engine has just been running, let the vehicle stand for around 10-15 minutes before starting this procedure. 1. Make sure that your display in your cluster is set to the default...
  18. sspeed

    Copper Grease

    Yawnnnn I will carry on using it irrespective of the theories! I only put it on the once when I first get a car. I dont put it on again after that.
  19. sspeed

    Moving over to the dark side????

    Hands up those on here who Polish the insides of the exhausts ??? Ahem...
  20. sspeed

    End Of Year Scottish GTG

    If in Ayreshire or NOT a city centre then I will be up for this.. If my Scotts cousins are independant by the time of the GTG will this sassenach be welcomed ??
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