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    Has this ever happened?

    Hi, I was driving along in my 6 year old SLK and all of a sudden the speedometer goes to zero and all the dashboard lights flash on. You then slow down and the car gets stuck in first gear. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Thanks in advance Greg
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    Service in Ilford/Romford

    I used Mercedes Romford and they were good but fairly expensive. I had a B service done there. The labour was really expensive. The forum recommended I use MercAid. They were a lot cheaper and they have garages in hainault and basildon
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    Wierd errors on dash: ABS + ESP + ? all failed at once (w208)

    That's weird as I had a similar thing on my 2000 reg SLK this weekend. The BAS / ESP lights came on and the speedometer went down to zero yet I was still able to drive. I turned the engine off and then tried to turn it back on and the car was dead!....I took the keys out and started it again...
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    Recommended Garages in Essex?

    Hi all, Just had my SLK 230 serviced and I have been told that the "drag link is badly worn at the inner track rods" The MB dealer in Romford has said that to fix this will cost £530 (includes labour). I thought this was expensive? Can anybody recommend a garage that could order the...
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    Service Rip Off or not

    This has given me a bit of confidence knowing that I'm not getting totally ripped off. I think they were replacing a light as well. I was just a bit shocked to hear that it would cost over a grand when the car is only worth about £13k. Never thought it would cost that much, but i guess...
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    Service Rip Off or not

    Am I right to say that the Service B was the thorough service?! I hope so for £950! (I guess that does include the new brake pads and fluid) However they have said that the BAS ESP light has come one!....surprise surprise that was not on when I brought the car in!
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    Service Rip Off or not

    All, Just had my SLK 230 (2001 model) in for a Service B to and have just found out that it's going to cost me £950 (£450 service) as they have to fit new brake pads and replace brake fluid etc.. I know nothing about these type of things. Does that seem right for a car that's only done...
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    Car Locking Problems....any ideas?

    Merry Xmas all, I have tried pressing the remote on my 2001 SLK to open it and nothing works (Maybe it's upset as I haven't washed it for a few weeks!). I then used the key to open the car and that worked, but set the alarm off! Managed to get the alarm to stop by starting the car! The...
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    New Member

    The folding metal roof on the SLK is fantastic. What a great invention! I've had my SLK 230 for 2 months and I'm still loving it!
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    11th hour.. Buying an SLK (ADVICE PLEASE)

    The thing I found on my search for a W-Reg SLK was that there wasn't much about. So if you think you've got a good one it might be worth getting it. In the end I extended my search parameter and bought a car that was about 60 miles from where I lived. The Spec sounds pretty good and below...
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    SLK - buying advice

    I bought a W-Reg SLK (July 2001 registered) a couple of months back and I paid £15k which seemed a lot but it had only done 36k miles, and they gave me a really good part ex. price on my previous car. I bought through a independant dealership due to the warranty offered which was good for me as...
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    ROK 1T - on a Ferrari!.....cheeky!
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    "As new" SLK 230-value?

    Agree with all the above. I've just bought a SLK 230 5 years old (facelift model), under 40,000 miles, immaculate condition and it runs like a dream. Parkers website seems to be fairly accurate and consistent with what the cars are going for in Autotrader, and gives you a good feel for prices.
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    What year did the facelift model come out on the SLK 230?

    Cheers everyone. I feel a lot happier now I know I've bought a legitimate facelift model!
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    What year did the facelift model come out on the SLK 230?

    Think I've worked out how to add an attachment! I've attached the picture file through additional options!
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    What year did the facelift model come out on the SLK 230?

    Pammy, I don't know how to add attachments but here's the link to the used car dealerships website. Maybe I should do a poll?! Upgraded bodykit or actually a face lift model?! Thanks Wilesy
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    What year did the facelift model come out on the SLK 230?

    Thanks mine looks very similar to the above, just not as new and without the decent alloys (I think I may have the 16" standard ones) Thanks again Wilesy
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    Stolen car recovered -but now this?! Madness

    Sympathise for you. Things like this are so irritating. Why is it always the decent people that tend to come out worse off. At times our legal system is a joke. I think legally you should be as difficult as possible, but agreed with what somebody else said this guy may know where you live.
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    What year did the facelift model come out on the SLK 230?

    Seems like my 2000 W-reg is a facelift model then. Unless they've taken an older car and put newer body work on it!. Let's hope that's not the case!
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    What year did the facelift model come out on the SLK 230?

    All, What year did the facelift model come out on the SLK 230? :confused: I asked Jeeves but he had no idea! Any ideas? or where I could find out the answer? :confused: Thanks in advance Wilesy
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