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    One Thank you, Your choice!

    I'll start by nominating Ft Lt Geoffrey Wellum DFC (Battle of Britain Pilot) Also Tariq Jahan for his courage after his son was killed in the riots. Why would you want to "Thank" someone who intentionally goes out to maim or murder another human (LET HE WHO IS WITHOUT.............???????????)
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    Wanted - Cheap diesel tow car <£2k

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    poor dronfields experience

    Seems to me this is how businesses operate today,Tell you what you want to hear, and come up with something far more inferior,Send them a recording of your phone conversation, and a bill for your fuel
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    how wrong is this

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    30 jolly degrees C!

    27 degrees in Llandudno today ,on my O,T,G
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    European Breakdown Cover

    We once towed a caravan to spain with a rover stirling 2.8 (elec rear seats) anyway, broke down on way home-without the caravan-We were covered with green flag, the Spanish agent picked us up ,took us to a 4 star hotel in Teruel Stayed there for 2 nights whilst expansion tank was replaced with...
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    just noticed that my CLK cabrio roof is a right mess after MB 'washed' it!

    Just a thought, but one of my previous cars was a B.M.W 328i conv. Someone recommended using "fabsil" .So purchased a tin, sprayed it on and not only did it restore the colour but the water just rolled away, It was so good that if i was driving in the rain, once home the car was wet and the soft...
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    How long do your tyres last?

    Managed 58,000 miles on a set of michelin on my w124 ,2.5 diesel 94:thumb:, Over a 4 year period:bannana::bannana:
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    Bleach kills DNA

    Time to invest in domestos shares:D
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    w124 wheels size?

    Thanks for all th replies, very much appreciated, Will probably start looking for a set of 17", Just something to fill up the arches, giving a better look. Thanks again ,Dave...
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    w124 wheels size?

    Hi, my current w124 1996 model has 15" wheels, although they look ok (5 spoke alloys) Many other w124`s seem to have 17"/18" alloysn fitted, Excuse my ignorance:crazy:, but what size can i fit to my vehicle without altering any bodywork?:confused: Would appreciate any advice, Many thanks.
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    £1000 superise estimate on my W209

    You only have to look at the state of our roads to know why springs keep snapping!, My local garage does on average 10 per week, trouble is in this country we just sit back and put up with it!! (put-up and shut-up)
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    Ebay purchase (while intoxicated)

    Well done, looks to be a good buy, nice cream leather interior, and you could quadruple your investment!!!
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    Mercedes w124 e300 coupe wald edition

    not my cup of tea either,
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    E36 Amg 124 coupe black. £9000

    Another beauty from the 124 range
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    60 mpg

    Yesterday(sunday) we drove to blackpool and back -202 miles round trip, for £20 in our 96 300 diesel w124 steady 55-60 mph , mostly motorway, Not bad eh???
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    W124 E300TD? Any Good?

    Previously we had a w124, 2.5 d 94 plate had that for 3 years, we did 54,000 miles on same set of tyres and never lifted the bonnet at all! (except for oil and filter) a tidy one will attract admiring glances where ever you go, So buy one and enjoy. My new w124 3.0 d goes on the road 1st...
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    new member

    :bannana:Hi All, Just saying hi, Put my w124 300d 96 on the road 1 september ,Have been looking for one for over a year now and finally found this one; Dark blue, full (unmarked) cream leather, aircon and only 82,000 miles. will probably outlast me!!
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