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    New Cooling System for C63 AMG

    So, nearly a year later and with evidence that people in the U.S. are installing these I now felt safe to go back to my dealer and enquire again. Remembering that last time I got laughed out of their shop and promised that they would get back to me - I never heard from them again (after...
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    Eleanor or C63???

    I do 18k year in my C63 as a daily driver. no problem with 'small tank' or tyres. that's just down to sensible driving. I've done 33k on its only set of tyres and only now do they need changing. 300 miles per tank ... its not all that bad. I love it as a DD. its quiet, comfortable and yet can...
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    C63 PP Front Rotors

    2 years and 34k miles - no change necessary and still going strong
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    Extended Warranty

    Interesting things to discuss... Firstly my warranty expires in about 2 weeks. I asked my dealer what to expect nearer the time - some months ago and as I expected they believed Mercedes corporate would be in touch to sell me some extended Warranty. So far - nothing from Mercedes so I...
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    Another new C63, diamond white coupe.

    Guildford are pretty good. They fixed all my rattles 6 months ago. Although I have a new one from the drivers Sun-Visor :eek:
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    Lee C63 Stage 2 Weistec 605WHP @ MSL Performance

    Lee - is the engine still on stock internals ?
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    Who Built your AMG Engine?

    I think he's the chap featured in the engine build video: Interweb says he is (or was) just 1 of 3 trained to build the SLS black engine. :)
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    Who Built your AMG Engine?

    No Clue ...
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    New Cooling System for C63 AMG

    I've just chased up my local dealer by phone after I emailed them over a week ago. Not heard about it. no issues with cooling. oh but might be the top bolts. But forums don't have legitimate info. Hey. what do I know. Told them from where I had read it - and they've gone away to do some more...
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    Is my engine getting hot too quickly ?

    Interesting... mine often gets over 116 and then the fans kick in and it sounds like a hurricane up front. usually happens in traffic.
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    De chromed

    did mine this weekend using Plastidip spray cans ... works a treat
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    C63 Gearbox SW update

    Yup - me too. Roll on Tuesday
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    C63 Gearbox SW update

    Not yet - am still trying to track down an answer from them about the enhanced cooling package.
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    C63 Gearbox SW update

    So it looks like this is a brand new (from April) SW update and its been confirmed its certainly for the MCT gearbox....
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    C63 Gearbox SW update

    Howdy all... just reading the US forum and there is an interesting thread about some new gearbox update software that improves the shifting between 1,2,3 quite dramatically and seemingly for the better. Still a little unsure whether its for the MCT box or the older 7g. Has anybody in...
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    New Cooling System for C63 AMG

    I've emailed my dealer asking for availability dates and pricing. Hope to hear back soon
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    Just did this - its pretty good. I think this note should be a sticky !
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    Speedometer Battle - BMW M235i VS Mercedes CLA45 AMG

    pretty close in Speedo comparison. What I got from this is the top end speed of (there or there abouts) 270 KPH ... and interestingly the CLA was at around 4.5k and the BMW at nearly 7K rpm ....
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    you can also get a breakdown of the original order using the VIN number. I think somebody on here can do it - if not there is a chap on the US site that can too. My personal opinion is not to use any dodgy Russian site that claims it can break-down the VIN number (which has also been suggested...
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    Just an expert confirmation needed

    Agree about the spacers. Not had any on the C63 - but have on a few previous cars and although they are aesthetically pleasing they didn't maintain the drivability. Felt a little wobbly TBH. I know Phil@Rebellion has lowered his C63 coupe a little and it looks good. I'm sure if you search a...
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