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    Brooklands Christmas GTG 2011

    Brooklands OK, OK, I get it. Just because I'm A newbie. SLK Chalcedony blue, 51 reg. It would be handy if some of you could introduce yourselves as I don't know anyone yet.:thumb::thumb: Brian.
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    Brooklands Christmas GTG 2011

    Sorry about my last post, didn't read all the thread. Yes count me in also. Brian J.
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    Brooklands Christmas GTG 2011

    Brooklands 11th December Any more details on the meet? Time of arrival and where - car park outside main building? Lunch or not, if yes, where? Contact phone number on the day? etc. etc. Brian E.J.:confused::confused:
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    Cost of Chips away Paint Repair?

    I used Chips away last weekend. He was here for over 2 hours and touched in over 50 very small stone chip marks and one slightly bigger mark on the boot lid. Charged £70.00 plus VAT. I would definately reccommend the chap that I used, but I suppose the quality of the job depends on who you get...
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    Slk 230k

    slk I don't have a record of it being a special order, but I do realise that the colour is quite rare. I have full service history by main MB dealers plus one indy. 2002 car on a 51 reg with 38k miles, and rust free! Brian J.
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    Slk 230k

    I don't see many posts on here from SLK owners (?R170?). - not sure if I've got the R 170 bit right. Don't they have any issues or are there not many owners? Brian J.
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    MB Club car badge

    Not been a member long and wondered if there was a MB Club car bade or sticker. Would be handy for recognising other members and would give a chance to say hello. Brian J.
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    I am completely flummoxed by the references to various models by the numbers and letters that forumites use to identify their cars. eg:- W124,W208, R107 A210 etc.etc. Can someone please enlighten me as to which cars that they refer to -- SLK 230, E 190, SLK 320 etc. Thanks.
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    Brooklands Christmas GTG 2011

    I should be able to make that. Only a few miles from Guildford!
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    SLK Are getting cheap

    Slk I have not long had a SLK230, a great car, but watch out for the pinion bearing whining. If the torque is set incorrectly it sends the bearing a bt skew whiff and you end up with not only the seal leaking but the whine too.
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    Churchill Insurance Renewal

    I found that adding my wife to the policy cuts the price by about 10%. Well worth doing even though she will never drive my SLK
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    looks like the dale farm encampment is staying

    Travellers Why are these people called "Travellers" when in fact the most travelling they ever do is to visit their expensive properties in Ireland?
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    SLK Oil Leaks

    I have a couple of oil leaks from the differential on my Slk 230. One is from the front pinion seal and the other from the gasket at the rear of the diff. I understand that the pinion seal has a squashable ring which ensures that tolerances are within bounds. Does anyone know how to get this...
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    New Member

    Hello to all from a new SLK owner.
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