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    s211 e55k How many on the forum??

    Just read ad, someone will be very happy if they're after an E55 ! good luck with sale...
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    s211 e55k How many on the forum??

    Ah, glad to see she didnt fall apart on the way home :) The old girl didnt get alot of use so nice to see she's in good hands... I miss it already, driving the wife's puke at the moment !... Did you ever manage to prise open that little comparment near glove box?
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    E55k future values?

    They've been pretty stable for last 5 years, I bought/sold mine in that period and 'lost' £500, estates definately rarer though, so I cant really see prices going down as long as you boys keep them running :)
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    FS: 2004 E55k Estate

    Finally been picked up, sad to see the old girl go, been with me the longest of many cars @ 5yrs !
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    FS: 2004 E55k Estate

    Provisionally sold...gulp...
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    FS: 2004 E55k Estate

    I've had some sudden and life changing news in the family, so sadly this old girl needs to go. Price reduced to £11k no offers.
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    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    Its a proper old boys coupe, pre-lining their corded pockets with power. They may as well circle round the pizza, last one to finish eats it.. disgusting behaviour....
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    New series of Top Gear

    The BS between Harris and Le Blanc does my head in.. Bin Le Blanc and give Harris more room, in fact bin them all apart from harris and work from there :)
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    s211 e55k How many on the forum??

    Thanks merc85, the wagons do have a certain presence , I love the fact its hidden a 1st glance.
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    s211 e55k How many on the forum??

    Even though its up for sale, still mine for now :) Really need to do some proper shots of it for sale and for memory !
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    I should never have sold it!

    Apart from an old B5 RS4, this was by far my biggest regret, sold at a time when it just did not fit in my life, now worth 4x , but its not the money that hurts....
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    Well priced or a bit OTT? C55

    I looked at C55's before getting the E55k, like a lot have mentioned, its just that bit more for the money, if thats what you want ;-)... You could have mine for a bag of sand more than the C55 OP linked :)
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    Anyone Had A Mini?

    Wife had a jcw conv. (2009) , all I can say is there's better alternatives. They're nice, but electrics can be iffy, ride is harsh, mpg for 1.6 silly and dont get me started on seals !.. Fun for a while, but not nice long term from our view.
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    2004 E55 Disc/Pads??

    I bought the brembos with pagid pads for fronts, no squeal, although I heard the pads may need some coaxing in :)
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    Will I regret it!

    ha, yes, very close, keeping the neighbourhood (a12) safe :) Yours looks tip top indeed....
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    Will I regret it!

    Finally got around to putting my old E55k estate up for sale after 5 years of ownership, longest I've had a car ! I should really keep as its been a rock in the family, but I'm just not using it enough... I still remember the day I got the car, I was so worried about a 2wd estate with so much...
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    FS: 2004 E55k Estate

    Its a 2004 model in silver with black interior, approx 85k on the clock, MOT due 06/19, last serviced a few months ago. Most serving completed by Alex Crow plus a local indie..Two previous owners. Also comes with a generous spec , details found here : Vin Decode for S211 Highlights being...
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    W211 E63 opinions...

    I had a big drive in both before I decided (both estates).. I loved the E63, smooth, very civilised and yes, I too preferred the look, only sligthy . The E55 though was what I was after, very similar to the 63, but the power delivery was much more exciting and fun. The final point is price, at...
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    The E55 sold, the M5 is bought

    Good luck and have fun...I had one years ago, that v10 is one of a kind, needs a good few rpm to get the sweet spot, but my god it will surprise you!
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    S211 best MPG

    just got 24.9 on way back from Nottingham > Essex (E55) :)
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