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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    Young lad round here with 7OM on a fiesta
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    E220 PCP Offer - Any Good ?

    It depends what the GFV or ballon to pay is
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    Tell me about Infiniti!

    I had a test drive of the M30d sport and loved it, very well made, was very close to getting one
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    Becker Map Pilot

    A quick bump before it gets stuck on ebay
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    Slk 55 amg

    No that's the R172 SLK AMG, the DRLs on the standard ones are lower
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    Becker Map Pilot

    Hi I have a Becker map pilot that was used in my R172 SLK, fully boxed with instructions and USB lead. It's as new really. The part number is A166 900 00 01 Open to serious offers, from memory this fits, last gen C Class, current SLK, A and B class. Cheers Matthew
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    Help needed! Red or black?

    Red looks great, so does red leather
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    Another one for San Carlo here too, when I go over once a month I go there.
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    Found this fairly good viewing

    One of the guys at work went to look at an Aventador yesterday, will find out on Monday if he is having it
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    My Cls63 amg detailed

    Nice and very nice Nimbus R26.r
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    Could you imagine Ryan Air doing this??

    A few months back there was a documentary on Ryanairs's fuel policy. Management put pressure on the captains to reduce fuel use and what they take on before a flight. They have to justify any fuel over the internal usage guidelines. This year the number of May Day landings has increased...
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    And the Bugatti trip
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    Fast Car, Young Driver, Inevitable Insurance

    The stupid thing is I had a brand new megane sport 225 at 20 and it was 600 quid to insure, and that was only 8 years ago, our kid had a Clio 200 and that was 1100 at 20 for that
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    Fountain Pens. Do we have any experts?

    Mont Blanc for me too I have a meisterstuck Chopin and the quality and craftsmanship are sublime
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    That's a guy from Doncaster, he went with my boss to the Bugatti factory
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    Few photos of my c63 (semi pro photo shoot)

    Saw these on Clio sport great pics
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    SLK Daytime Driving Lights

    Quite what the government say and what happens are 2 different things, DRLs and side lights are fast becoming one thing. Nice Briard too I miss mine had 2 of them
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    SLK Daytime Driving Lights

    No I don't like devils fuel, petrol for me
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    SLK Daytime Driving Lights

    They stay on with cars with xenon, in fact most cars have them on all the time
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    SLK Daytime Driving Lights

    Yes, they only stay on if you have the xenons
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