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    Request for Info

    Many thanks
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    Request for Info

    Many thanks
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    Request for Info

    The original owner (a friend of my dad) and then my dad (and now me as I had to re-register it as part of the "Tell Us Once" process removes the keeper!!)
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    Request for Info

    My father passed away a couple of months ago and I will be selling his car, a 1998 R reg Merc C240 Elegance in white. It is currently SORN'd as the MOT has just expired (which I do intend to get renewed) and has under 60k on the clock, and is in generally very good condition but I have no idea...
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    W211 Avantgarde 2008 (Facelift) Radiator Grill

    Unfortunately my E220 had an altercation with a Pheasant on the A303 last Sunday. This lead to one dead bird, lots of feathers, some "crushed" fins on the rad and a severely damaged grill! I have patched it together using copious amounts of superglue so it looks halfway decent and will provide...
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    M-B Guildford discount scheme

    Just had my 2008 W211 E220 serviced and MOT'd, including new front pads at Sandown Guildford and got a bill for £815!! That hurt!! (B Service btw)
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    Boot Issue on W211

    I do have remote boot opening, but boot was closed when parked up..key put draw and then to bed...woke up, looked out of window..boot open. I made sure the spare had not had anything dumped on to be something simple though
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    Boot Issue on W211

    I have seen a load of threads here for boot lids that won't open; well, I got up this morning, looked out the window and saw the boot lid on my 2008 W211 was wide open! Fortunately nought missing, and when I closed it the indicators flashed 3 times to confirm the car was locked and secure. It...
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    Confused on Tyres

    Looking for 2 new Michelin tyres for my 2008 W211 E220 and was scanning e-tyres site and saw this: Pilot Premacy - HP 225/55 R16 95W @ 159.40ukp a pop; Then the next entry was: Pilot Premacy - HP 225/55 R16 95W MO Mercedes fitment @ 162.70ukp a pop; So whats the difference? Why am I being...
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    E220 W211 Tyre question

    My May 2008 E220 is in need of a new osf tyre. The Original spec was 95V, but when I bought the car in Aug 2009 the nsf was changed due to a nail and a 95W was put on. Should I go for 95V or 95W for the replacement tyre?
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    Blinding brake lights

    There is always N(eutral)
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    sat nav recommendations?

    Don't forget to add the State and City taxes onto those prices though could add up to another 15-20% (not sure what they are in Boston)
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    500Gb HDD

    Thats what I thought, so picked it up and went to one of the scanners and sure enough 10.00 quid; all sealed (including all the gubbins in the box) and works fine..There were a couple more on the shelf...but I on shanks's, and thought can't really carry 2 (as it was the carrier bag biodegraded...
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    500Gb HDD

    This lunchtime I bought a 500Gb Western Digital "My Book" USB2 external HDD from Tesco (Aldershot) for £10.00..yes £10.00 (TEN). Would normally expect to pay around to £50.00 for one of these.
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    60 Plate Car

    But surely then the car would be a 59 reg or older, and putting a 60 plate on a 59 (or older) reg car would be illegal at anytime, even after September as it is mis-representation?
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    Is it healthy for an automatic to?????????

    Just an aside on this one...when stopped at a set of lights, and the hand brake (for want of a better description) applied (i.e not sitting with foot on the brake pedal or invoking "HOLD"), is it best to leave it gear or to put in neutral/park?
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    C Service on 2008 W211 E220

    Thanks for the link, but it only lists a B Service and my dash say's it the C Service due, confused me as I thought with the later W211's they only had A and B. I assume the Baumuster Code is the 4 > 9 numbers in the VIN Code? (sorry if I'm being a numpty)
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    C Service on 2008 W211 E220

    How do I find out what needs to be done on a C service (2nd service for the vehicle)? It's going in on Monday and would like to know what to expect (:) or :( or :eek:). I remember reading somewhere about how to do it, but for the life of me can't find it's going into Purslow's in...
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    Insurance Problem on my new C63

    "Without Tracker they said they won't pay out a penny until the car is recovered. If it is not recovered they won't pay out until the policy advise them that the cacr is lost without trace, something which could take many months to get them to do." I think this is pretty standard whether you...
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    Bet Buemi didn't see that coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From what I read, RH upright strut went first and then LH immediately after as it couldn't take the all stress on its own. As it was apparently a new design one would imagine either faulty manufacture or insuffcient testing back at the office; they have gone back to the previous incarnation for...
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