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  1. gary350

    Safety Recall R/2015/210 nov 2015

    Last comment, when picking her car up yesterday there was nobody there to meet her to explain reasons for delay etc just some poor sod who said he was just there to hand her keys over. Sinclairs the dealer owner also owns all the MB garages all over south wales plus other cars so you have to go...
  2. gary350

    Safety Recall R/2015/210 nov 2015

    The bit that I can not get is one of the dealers knows that I will be in the market for a new car in around 4 months and having bought 2 mercs from them in the past (we are on first names) I could or was thinking on a merc, not now Im not.
  3. gary350

    Safety Recall R/2015/210 nov 2015

    After calling the dealer this morning my daughter was told the car is being washed ready for pick up the problem was the camshaft they fitted was also duff so they fitted another now its seems to be OK (dealer words). Looking back the dealer never called my daughter once she had to do all the...
  4. gary350

    Mercedes recalls (DVSA)

    Took my daughters a class in 2 months old (when getting the recall letter) with the camshaft recall been in the dealers coming up to 3 weeks on monday its a nightmare they can not give a date for completion 2 dealers involved the selling one and the fixing one neither of them seem to be interested.
  5. gary350

    Safety Recall R/2015/210 nov 2015

    Latest info is that the dealer has been using a clone engine to see if they can find the fault the car seems to run alright but they can not remove an engine management light something to do with a sensor. The first week is almost over on what was a 9 hour recall.They have offered to upgrade...
  6. gary350

    Safety Recall R/2015/210 nov 2015

    Daughter took her car in on monday they gave her a smart car said it would be 2 days, got a call yesterday the car would not start they would have to do it all again they mentioned it was the first one they had in on this recall could be another couple of days the smart car is awful by the way...
  7. gary350

    Safety Recall R/2015/210 nov 2015

    Daughter got a letter stating that there was a problem on cars made in the last 3/4 months naming various models (hers is an A class), and others seems to be exhaust camshaft problem she called her local MB dealer in Bridgend (south wales) they were in the dark asked her to call the bigger MB...
  8. gary350

    Slk 350: £57,500

    My SLK350 was around £39K when I bought it in 2004 sold it in 2008 for £20K, in hindsight it was one of the blandest cars I have had, fast yes good looking yes just something not there if you know what I mean. £56K for an SLK350 you have to be joking.
  9. gary350


    I have one I dont use its a sep 98 230K with only 37K on it silver red/black but I think I will keep it for old times sake.
  10. gary350

    Jag XF

    I have one a 2.7 bought it july 08 best car I have ever had tried them all before buying nothing comes near it, drive one and see
  11. gary350

    Jag XFR Ordered

    Saw the England football Captain driving his silver XFR on the news last night most likely driving back to his hotel if all the rumours going around are true.
  12. gary350

    Top-down motoring

    My rules with my 2 slks were dry and sunny at 25 degrees roof down above 26 degrees roof up, sorry boys I buck the trend, just too much light, air, sun and noise.
  13. gary350

    Which Internet Security Package?

    I have Zone Alarm and avast. I had avg for many years but dumped it for avast which is much better, all free.
  14. gary350

    JD power results 2010

    The JD power results in the July issue What Car give the XF 1st place in the exec class and 2nd overall (Lexus RX 1st) Jaguar were placed 3rd (Manufacturers), MB were 4th. Just thought you would like to know. E350cdi cab came first in test with BMW and Audi same Mag
  15. gary350

    SLK advice required

    Still a ragtop.
  16. gary350

    Which bank?

    Nat West is one of the banks I have cash in but not for long I am in the process of moving it, saving rates are poor.
  17. gary350

    Pammy - happy Birthday

    Just think every year you get a little more experienced and a little more wiser, soon you will be as experienced and as wise as me, then you buy the XF. gary
  18. gary350

    What is a fair price?

    2 years ago I go 20K for my mint 04 plate SLK350 with 5k on the clock, so I would say they said around 13/14K for your car, 22k to change to the E Class.
  19. gary350

    Drove the new Jaguar XJ this morning...

    You must be joking, spec savers I think
  20. gary350

    Drove the new Jaguar XJ this morning...

    What horror stories, news to me and I have had my XF coming on 2 years
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