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    Just wanted to put closure on this. It was the engine mounts.
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    Had the tranny mount changed when gearbox serviced, made no difference
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    My W221 350cdi started a weird vibration a few weeks ago which is getting worse. From a cold start I back off my drive and all is well, as soon as I put it into D with foot on the brake there is a noticeable vibration felt in the car. When I drive off it feels a bit rough but nothing major...
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    S350 CDI starting problem

    Not done it for awhile but problem reared its ugly head again, still non the wiser as to the cause
  5. gilbert121262

    S350 CDI starting problem

    Thought it might be EIS but no codes showed up and can you turn the ignition to on when it fails, as it means you can put it into neutral and turn handbrake off, surely security risk. Merc usually pretty hot on these things
  6. gilbert121262

    S350 CDI starting problem

    Hope someone has an idea about this problem. Couple of months ago I got in car and turned key and the starter did'nt turn, at first I thought I had'nt turned key properly, so flicked key again and all ok it started as normal. Next day it did it again but started on second key turn. Next day...
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    funny noise s500 underbonnet w221

    Ps. the heater fan on other side and under dashboard so you can discount that one
  8. gilbert121262

    funny noise s500 underbonnet w221

    There used to be a fan that cooled the ecu, think this was on the w220, worth a try. But it does seem a bit noisy for that. Also if I remember rightly when the fan failed it would trip a low coolant warning or some other weird fault not connected with the problem.
  9. gilbert121262

    Dpf explained

    Very interesting read and makes me understand whats going on. On mine the stop start is disabled aswell which makes sense, wondered why that happened now I know why. Did check today when a regen was happening and the heated rear screen comes on for no reason, why is that.
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    W221 wiper blades

    Get the merc ones, the snidey ones judder and make your rain sensor think it in a downpour and go fast speed in light rain
  11. gilbert121262

    Adblue heater

    Got a CEL, diagnosed as the dreaded heater failure.. Had new adblue pump last year, 1 month after warranty expired, paid 20% as goodwill. Will this fail the mot. Don't want to spend ££££ on something we don't need in uk. Did search but some say it will some say no. It has no effect on emissions.
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    How can I see a speed limit from GPS maps on S-Class

    Buy a facelift W221 with "Speed limit Assist"
  13. gilbert121262

    W221 s350

    Great car. Don't use premium diesel apart from every 4 fill ups. Keeps egr clean but produces slightly more soot that clogs DPF quicker. Just opened can of worms with that one.
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    Difference between the 2.7 and 3.0 OM612s

    the OM612 used to be a 5cyl diesel, I think but could be wrong
  15. gilbert121262

    W221 (2005–2013) S-Class - wood effect?

    Got the piano black in mine looks so much better than the wood
  16. gilbert121262

    Pink xenons

    Its not the cost its the fitting that bothers me. There is no room at all on passenger side.
  17. gilbert121262

    Pink xenons

    The dealer fit them for free. Have I entered a parallel universe.
  18. gilbert121262

    Pink xenons

    Just noticed one of my xenon headlights has turned pink. No error message on dash. Done a bit of searching and it seems bulb is on way out. Is this a DIY job, just looked under bonnet and not a lot of room, in fact passenger side no room. Its a w221 facelift. Anyone any idea what the dealer is...
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    Clk 320cdi engine noise

    probably the EGR Valve opening and closing
  20. gilbert121262


    When I saw the cracked turbo vane I was shocked, had many mercs over the years and had many problems, mainly electrical, but never a big mechanical failure like this..
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