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    New W204 C-Class owners discussion

    What discount on prices can one reasonably expect on run out C class Mercedes?. Any info.appreciated.
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    Good experience with Halfords :)

    Yes please ... an Abbot would do nicely.......
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    Good experience with Halfords :)

    Would Halfords help over my problem???? Very recently I bought a new plastic container of Autoglym polish to replace one that I had finished (and really appreciated). My problem? I accidently also threw out my new, unused polish when dumping the old, empty container......................
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    Topless or not?

    Risby What happened, happened.... lets move on an d forget all the hype. After its all a storn in an A cup:bannana:
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    C Class 270 Elegence CDI SE

    Anyone else out there who has had 270 class diesel for seven or more years without hassle? S ometimes seems only the folk unlucky enough to have problems.
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    2000 320CDI injectors

    What is better grade diesel queries Walsi.... the diesel that Shell charges quite a premium for (and is whilly recommended by a well-respected motoring guru for a Sunday broadsheet)
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    2000 320CDI injectors

    Would using that better-grade diesel be good for my injectors????
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    Dashboard reflections

    windscreen reflections I think the black golf ball towel might be just the right answer - it will avoid any messing about with the original. Thanks
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    Dashboard reflections

    I have a c class with very pleasant light grey artico interior. My problem is that in bright sunlight I get troublesome reflections on the windscreen. Has anyone overcome this problem? I hope to have a "proper job" ie I don't wan t to spoil the pristine interior. Thanks
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    C270 / SBC / Valeo

    I have a c270 cdi, made in S Africa?, now into its 8th year and it has no sign of rust whatever. Its a long-term car so I'm having the Valeo rad and atf replaced
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    w203 C270 cdi manual?

    Really great to hear of a 5 cylinder getting past the 400,000 miles mark. I have C 270 di, seven years old now and it has been - and is a fin e car. But what of those alarming tales about the Valeo radiator leaking in to the ATF? Is this an odd scare or a problem that should be faced now...
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    looking for a CLK 270 TDI,advice needed

    Thanks x332race. That was a very helpful and friendly-motorist kind of answer (sic)
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    I don't want Silver Paint or Black Leather

    No silbver or black I don't plan to ever change from metallic silver. My experience during 14 years of this colour is that in more than 60 years of motoring this is the best car at NOT showing the dirt!. Now so far as black interior is concerned Ibelieve that is practical - the dashboard...
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    looking for a CLK 270 TDI,advice needed

    Has anyone else found that using the better grade diesel gives a less noisy 270cdi engine noise and (I thin k) better mpg? I am convinced there's much less rattle on start up - and not nearly so much sooty smell.
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    Churchill Insurance Renewal

    Last year when my Churchill renewal came through the price hike was more than 40 per cent!. Obviously it was off to pastures new, and cheaper. I saw one gent from insurance the other day trying to justify a 39 per cent increase in car premiums. I, through a friend found Liverpool Victoria, and...
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    car keys

    My car (C270D) is now six years old and the plastic part of my car key is slowly breaking up. £225 is the cost of replacement, my dealer tells me. While I am about it I think I should replace my wife's key, also showing signs of cracking, and wonder whether the second key will cost a s much...
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    Is there such a thing as optimin tyres for W203 270D saloon?. I don't screech about and enjoy a bit of comfort
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    Should I replace the Valeo radiator?

    Risby Can it please be explained how I find out whether I have a Valeo rad on my Dec 04 C270 THanks
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