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    Main Dealer or Independent

    I've a CLS and get this looked after by Colin and Stuart at Burlsedon Motors. Can highly recommend them. They are very friendly and approachable, do an excellent job and are terrific value for money. Wouldn't take my car anywhere else. As above PCS are also excellent but a bit further away at...
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    info please on Mercman ..

    Agree with all the comments above. Bought an alloy wheel from Southampton. Was exactly as described and very simple to arrange collection - recommended
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    GPS DVD Unit replacement and STAR

    Thanks for the response.:thumb: I've checked the fuse in the stack next to the DVD where there are a whole host of standard car fuses. Is there a fuse in the actual did unit itself? I can't see one?
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    Car polisher

    Another recommendation for DAS pro. Great machine just make sure you get the pro version. A great investment if you are serious about getting your car to look really good.
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    GPS DVD Unit replacement and STAR

    Hi It looks like my gps dvd unit on my 2005 cls has failed - no power and disc won't eject. Have checked fuse and wiring so suspect it is dead. If I get a replacement unit will it need to be recode for my car using STAR? I know you have to do this for other electronic items and wondered...
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    Air Con need re gassing?

    See you are based in Southampton. I live nearly Fareham and used Fareham mobile air con services - 0750 1162710. Got good reviews on yellow pages. The guy was brilliant - came to my house, checked the system over then regassed. Very friendly and efficiency. Good value for money as well. As...
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    Power steering oil

    Second the dealer approach. Did some shopping around but dealer was just as cheap and you then know you are getting the right spec, just make sure you take your VIN.
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    Karcher or Nilfisk

    I've got a compact nilfisk. To be honest can't fault it, does what it says on the tin. Look out for refurbished units - are a real bargain - either on eBay or own nilfisk site.
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    Washing advice

    Pressure wash Dodo juice born to be mild shampoo - loads of suds a little goes a long way. Also smells great. Have tried other makes but not as good. Tardis tar remover - get this on eBay best thing to remove tar and cheap if bought in bulk Iron x to remove contaminants - great on...
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    Continental vs Goodyear

    Another vote for Goodyear. Great value and wear well. Very sure footed even in the wet. Best price I could find was through black circles with local fitting
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    Brand new Sports Pedal set to fit most Mercedes

    Trying again. I've changed my settings in my profile so you should now be able to email me through the forum - thanks!
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    CLS DS Vanity Mirror

    I did exactly the same - bought a pocket mirror on eBay and had it cut to size. Easy to fit back in and much easier/cheaper than replacing visor.
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    Brand new Sports Pedal set to fit most Mercedes

    I'd like to buy a set please :thumb: but can't pm - can you please email me
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    CLS window regulator snapped cable repair DIY

    Invoice shows description of goods as MA219 720.03.46 n/stock 056268 Window Regulator. Was more expensive than I remembered £137 + vat. But worth it not to have to bu**er about with those bits of plastic and cable anymore! Could be worse MB at the time quoted me about £300+ VAT to...
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    CLS window regulator snapped cable repair DIY

    Had exactly the same issue when replacing mine. Spent ages trying to get the wire on the cog. Even though others have got it to work I had to admit defeat and order a full replacement from mb. Was none in the country at the time (bit surprised as it's a common issue - awful design) but got one...
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    Cleaning chrome exhausts

    Another vote for Autosol - great stuff and if combine with a light wire wool - miraculous!
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    Swirl marks - how to get rid of them

    As everyone has said - good washing routine helps. Removing swirls is the job of a polishing machine - but as commented you need to be careful but on the other hand taking your time you will no doubt improve the appearance of swirls. (It is a slippery slope before you then start claying &...
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    How long do you spend cleaning your car?

    Another vote for Autosmart Tardis as a tar remover. Can buy it on EBay - haven't found anything else as good - does a great job
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    Tyre Opinions?

    Another vote for the Goodyear. Fitted these to the rear of my CLS500 about 3 mths ago. Very happy with them - quiet, good grip and as above good rim protection. Cheapest place I could find them was Tyreleader. Are some horror stories but my experience was very positive. Alternatively...
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    Impressive. - what products did you use?
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