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    Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 new video

    I bet u didn't seen this one! Mercedes offers us a glimpse into it's factory and shows us the sls gt3 on a 10 minute video.
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    The Us version of S350 will be a diesel

    Maybe it's due to the economic crysis, or maybe because BMW and Audi already have this engines in US, or any other reason, the clear thing is that the mew s350 will be more fuel efficient in US, that if you like diesel.
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    2012 CLS spy pics

    found them googleing, here looks kind of weird tough:crazy: cheers!
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    Video: Second one-off Brabus Stealth SL65 AMG Black Series

    After previously Brabus Vanish, a one-off kit for the limited-edition Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG Black Series, the German tuner has developed now another highly-tuned car based on the limited-edition Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG Black Series � the "Stealth 65". It is the second time German tuner...
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    Volker Stauch, head of Mercedes-Benz, retires

    Volker Stauch, Head of Powertrain Operations Mercedes-Benz Cars, retires at the end of June after a career of 32 years at Daimler AG.
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    1970s Mercedes C111 show car unsuccessful theft

    seems like the thieves are not like what they used to be:)) [here]
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