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    CD Changer

    As above - found this site really useful too :)
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    ***windscreen + road tax stolen?!!!!!!**

    That is total madness! I have never heard of any attempt to nick the windscreen or gain entry to the car via this method. Makes you think though...... is there anything these low life scums will not attempt?
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    Help needed on model choice

    Has to be the CLK55 AMG. You won't be disappointed with the performance ;)
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    How much do you pay for insurance

    Just seen this post and was interested to see what others pay for their insurance. Obviously, there are many different variables on this but I have just renewed my insurance at a total cost of £394 fully comp. I'm 42, car is garaged in a Dorset postcode and with 8 yrs NCB and £150 excess
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    New Member - Bournemouth

    Hello and welcome :) I'm in North Dorset, near Blandford. Love your choice of colour for the new car by the way. I've always admired the blue and when searching for my car, I found one but it disappeared from sale so quick I was gutted! I have the COMAND system with SatNav and my unit uses CD's...
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    Haynes type manual..

    I've also been looking for one of these but as yet had no luck. I don't think one has ever been produced? What does everyone else use as a reference point when tinkering with their 209's?
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    New member from Milton Keynes

    Welcome to the forum dan. You're right, you will miss that V8 rumble and your old V8 Kompressor sounds like just the car my mate has been looking for. He's been looking for months and everytime one pops up for sale, it's snapped up really quickly. I'm sure you'll enjoy the CDI nonetheless, after...
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    Age of MB Drivers.....

    41 and drive a CLK55 AMG. Had a C180 as a company car about 10 years ago and loved driving it. Hit my 40's, mid life crisis time - lets get a Merc. I don't think I'll ever drive anything other than a Merc again :D
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    Pity the poor cyclist

    That is utter madness - No respect for anyone around them and they would be the first to complain if they were to come off and get injured or even worse.
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    Can I ask why?

    Hahaha I love that, will remember that for the future!! :D
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    Hello from not so sunny Dorset

    Hello and welcome from a fellow Dorset owner :thumb:
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    climate control

    Thanks guys, I shall get this part looked at and hopefully that's all it is. Any idea on how much a new heater valve is? I did find a link showing how to replace this yourself but not sure I like the idea of doing this myself so will look to take to an indy to sort.
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    climate control

    Any updates on this anyone? I've just experienced a similar problem in my car today. Climate control set to 26 but still blowing cold air and the only heat i'm getting is from the heated seats - Not pleasant at 5am when it's single figures outside! My car is a 2003 CLK55 AMG
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    Soon to be a fellow Merc owner

    Hello and Welcome I'm sure the next few months are going to seem so-oooo long but it'll be worth the wait :thumb:
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    Looking to buy my first mercedes

    Hello and welcome John :thumb: I used to drive a Golf R32 and was getting around 27 mpg doing similar mileage to yourself, around £7k per year. I tried a diesel (Audi A3) but as previously mentioned, unless you are planning on doing long journeys you will not see the benefit of this. I also...
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    Locking wheelnut key snapped!

    I had a similar incident recently with my locking wheel nuts. I had a puncture and the 'key' was not to be found anywhere in the car which annoyed me somewhat as I had only had the car a few weeks. More fool me for not double checking it was in the boot when I bought the car :doh: The AA came...
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    CLK500 Cabrio Centre Armrest

    I have that in mine and it definately is to turn the aircon on inside the storage area as it was blowing freezing cold air into it when i too decided to work out what it was. Now i know why my wine gums were rock hard everytime i went to eat one! :doh:
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    slippery leather seats

    The Zaino leather conditioner is great stuff. Smells really good and leaves the seats looking and smelling like new.
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    Mechanic rates?

    x2 It's going to vary greatly wherever you are but I'd rather they didn't wash it - don't trust them to do that without putting swirl marks in my paint! My Merc OCD is kicking in again :eek:
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    CLK500 new guy

    Hello and welcome :thumb: I have a CLK55 Cabriolet and have no problems getting a 15 yr old and a 7 yr old in the back seats and that includes a booster seat too! Obviously the front seat passengers don't need to be having their seats too far back but i'm 6' and this doesn't pose a problem
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