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  1. gramey

    SL500 points to ponder?

    I've never used Derrick Wells, I don't know why, I have used Ale Crowe at Stowmarket who is very good just a little far away for convenience so I tend to use Prestige Car Repairs in Ipswich as I used to use them years ago for my 190E and W124 estate when I had them.
  2. gramey

    R230 drivers interior door handle in black and window switch wanted

    Hi Daniel, thanks for the post but as I hadn't heard form you I bought a second hand one from the US that arrived today.
  3. gramey

    Which fuel do you use in your merc?

    I never use supermarket fuel but nor do I use Premium unleaded in my car or motorcycle , I use BP in the hope that the additives keep the engine clean internally but ml SL350 isn't a performance car and my Yamaha 1000 has enough power without worrying about 1 or 2 bhp from petrol that's 10p a...
  4. gramey

    Very Nice SL55

    I thought this looks quite nice - Mercedes SL SL 55 AMG KOMPRESSOR | eBay and if the blurb is to be believed about what has been done on this car it could be quite sound. Apart from a couple of years of appearing to be owned by someone with my sort of budget in 2011/12 it's sailed throUgh...
  5. gramey

    Very Nice SL55

    Personally I thought that looked quite nice although the reviews for the seller don't all appear to be glowing.
  6. gramey

    Speeding in France warning! Roll On Brexit!

    I doubt it can be enforced over here, the problem will arise should you back in the same car as they may place a marker on it which could result in you getting stopped, your car seized and trip to the local court where they will request that you pay the outstanding fine, in a nice way. :)
  7. gramey

    Are drying blades a good idea?

    Well I fly in the face o all the above wise sages, I use one and I can't say I've notice any problem with scratching, I rinse my car with clear water via a pressure washer, snow foam it and leave for 10 minutes, rinse again with the pressure washer, washer with Maguires shampoo and their...
  8. gramey

    SL500 points to ponder?

    A nice looking car, but I'm biased as I have tellurium silver SL350 as well, I like the wheels but I did debate whether or not to go with a rear spoiler but came down against it on the basis that it's not a sports car and it detracts from the clean lines of the car. That said it was a long...
  9. gramey

    Keyless entry, Kick under bumper, Mercedes refuse to inform me how to operate my car safely.

    Has it been switched off in the convenience menu? Just a thought as my car had functions that I wasn't even aware of until I was pointed in this direction.:)
  10. gramey

    R230 drivers interior door handle in black and window switch wanted

    I'm sorry Richard but I shall have to pass on what type of leather it is here's a photo of the centre of my dash if that helps? Failing that I shall get the V5 and see if the VIN can be deciphered.
  11. gramey

    R230 drivers interior door handle in black and window switch wanted

    As above, after removing my door card to wrap the insert on my door car I find that a previous owner has forced the window switch out of the handle rather than removing the door card and then glued it back in. So if anyone has either of the above at a sensible price or knows a breaker that may...
  12. gramey

    Change is coming

    I guess it's because the infra structure is there for electricity as otherwise I can't understand why car manufacturers haven't gone down the hydrogen route, the other thing that I don't understand is the over manufacture of cars, you see huge stockpiles of cars in fields or wherever but the...
  13. gramey

    SL prices.

    Ah ha, I read your post as 'the bad press is all true I'm afraid' or words to that effect, my apologies for misunderstanding, I do not prize reliability above all else it had just been a blissful break from the considerable amount of money I threw at my R129. That said I spoke too soon, how does...
  14. gramey

    Keyless entry, Kick under bumper, Mercedes refuse to inform me how to operate my car safely.

    So I've just sat and read all five pages of this thread and watched the video, so here goes my 2 cents worth, the OP appears to have over reached when placing whatever item it was down thus resulting in having to put his foot out to maintain his balance. This has resulted in the tailgate...
  15. gramey

    SL prices.

    I assume by all the bad press you're referring to the V8's as I've just enjoyed the first year of ownership of my R230 SL350 and touch wood it's been the most reliable and cost free car I've had in many years outside of the Passat estate I owned for 10 years. I know it doesn't have the bragging...
  16. gramey

    I should never have sold it!

    A few of the many that I've regretted selling, in particular my 1993 Porsche 928 GTS manual, one of only 44 manual GTS's sold in the UK, sold for £12,000 in 2011 due to divorce, the dealer I bought my SL350 from had one a couple of months ago and sold it for £49,995 within 24 hrs and it was...
  17. gramey

    Bugger first blister on R230 rear wheel arch

    I guess it was bound to happen at some point with a 2003 car but when washing my car I've noticed the first small blister on the rear nearside wheel arch of my SL350. I shall have it attended to as soon as possible t try and stop it spreading further, I'm considering trying to find a local...
  18. gramey

    SL R129 front wings

    I replaced the front wings on my R129 and no you cannot buy pattern ones, used ones are costly and likely to already have issues, my main dealer did me a deal of 20% off buying a pair.
  19. gramey

    SL500 R129 - Buying advice wanted from a newbie

    I was struggling to see the AMG stamp in the wheel but I'm waiting for my new specs from Specsavers! Personally not a fan of those wheels, no offence I know you have the genuine split rims, but I prefer the Mercedes Sador wheels. :)
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