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    are apples any good, or just for nerds and posers?

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    Autocar - Britain's best driver's car 2012

    Might be me, but I'm struggling to work out the significance of the scores.
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    are apples any good, or just for nerds and posers?

    Technically wise, Apple goods are generally well designed and well styled. But, they're very good at selling obselescense. When you buy something from them, you do so in the knowledge that in a year or 18 months, Apple will announce a new product that essentially the same, but better. Apple...
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    Watch winders

    I have a few auto watches. I'm fairly content to let them wind down when not in use and then set/wind them when I want to use them. There's arguments either way as to whether winders actually prolong the life of a watch more than just letting them wind down.
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    Bought a new Merc?

    It would take a very good deal to get me to buy a brand new car. I was happy enough with my approved used.
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    Is the 7g gearbox really that bad?

    It's fine. It sometimes can do with a little intervention in some circumstances to help out a little, but it's perfectly serviceable.
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    What will you do if the only car key lost?

    Depends where the key was lost. If it's somewhere in the house, it'll turn up. If it's somewhere else, then there's the small chance that the key may get picked up by someone who'll take a fancy to the car and use it to drive off. It's a bit like losing a house key, so consider changing the...
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    plane crash

    Yes, I do the same thing. Always nice to talk about those cases to strangers in the depature lounge...
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    plane crash

    Well, it was a pretty controlled crash landing. From watching plenty of "Air Crash Investigation", the results aren't always as fortunate. By the very nature of air crashes, a lack of control is often the reason for the crash.
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    plane crash

    Wow, pretty much exactly as predicted on the computer model shown right at the start. Think I'll sit somewhere near the back.
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    Lance Armstrong and doping

    All of this just smacks to me of McCarthyism and politics. I don't see a high percentage of truth and good intention here.
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    Cars on the road compilations

    Booze, no brakes, bad lane discipline...
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    Facelift E Class

    After a quick look on Wikipedia:-
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    Where is the audio stop or pause button?

    With COMAND, the mute button should pause the music, however. But then I don't have Audio 20 or Becker.
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    Where is the audio stop or pause button?

    Swap to radio and then mute the radio. That should pause whatever other music source you've been listening to.
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    ANPR Big Brother and your privacy, well you have none...

    How many cameras in the UK? Only 1.85 million, claims ACPO lead on CCTV |
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    ANPR Big Brother and your privacy, well you have none...

    Considering that there's approx 1.85m CCTV cameras in the UK. You can say reasonably that a police officer can do the work of three cameras, but you'd need 24 hour coverage, so call that three shifts. So you're talking about increasing the beat officer count by 1.85 million officers. And...
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