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  1. MoAMG

    Flashed at 40MPH in a 40MPH zone

    Travelling eastbound on the A406 last night having joined it at Chiswick roundabout from the A4. This patch of the A406 is 40MPH. Coming up to the first camera, a newly fitted camera may I add, switching lanes whilst maintaining 40MPH, the camera flashes 3 times (or maybe twice). Should I expect...
  2. MoAMG

    Improving Harmon Kardon System

    As you may know, I've recently taken delivery of my new CLS63. The car comes with the HK sound system as standard. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of turning down the B&O upgrade because boy does this HK system sound crap! The treble and mid range aren't too bad but the bass and the lower...
  3. MoAMG

    Is my new car broken?

    I'm hearing, what sounds like, a high frequency belt whine coming from under the bonnet. It seems to be present at idle when the car is warmed up and increase when revved up to circa 2.5k RPM. It then disappears as the revs build... Anyone else notice this noise in their bi-turbo? Maybe I'm...
  4. MoAMG

    Monthly AMG London Meet

    Is there one already in place? If yes, please share the link. However, if no, would anyone be interested?
  5. MoAMG

    Increase Speed Limits - Online Petition

    I’ve created a petition to proportionally increase speed limits on UK roads – please sign and share! Click this link to sign the petition: My petition: Increase road speed limits in line with advances in...
  6. MoAMG

    Guess whos back...

    Hello everyone! Guess who's back in a brand new AMG?
  7. MoAMG

    Eurocharged E55 AMG

    With all the reluctance in the world, I have my Eurocharged tuned E55 AMG for sale... Full Service History – no expenses spared. Major Service done 3k miles ago (every serviceable item was changed!) Upgraded supercharger pulley Dyno mapped by Jerry from Eurocharged in person with...
  8. MoAMG

    To sell or not to sell...

    As the title suggests, as of recent times, I have been seriously debating whether or not to sell my beloved E55 or not... The main reasons I would want to sell would be; first of all, I hardly get to drive the car and I personally feel that it is simply going to waste on my driveway. Second of...
  9. MoAMG

    MB Audio 20 + 6 Disc CD Changer

    Just had the upgraded NTG 2.5 unit installed by Alfie at Unique Comand so I have the existing units for sale now... Both items are in full working order and in very good condition - this can be confirmed by Alfie if need be. I am open to sensible offers on this...
  10. MoAMG

    W211 E55 AMG floor mats

    Anyone got a set of the AMG floor mats for the E55? I have asked the dealership for a quote and nearly had a heart attack!!! Lol
  11. MoAMG

    E55k AMG On Going Project

    I have now owned my E55k for over 5 years; However, I have always had a sports coupe alongside it - as a second car/weekend toy. Here is a list of vehicles that I have owned along with my E55: 1- Nissan GTR (standard) 2- Porsche 911 Turbo 996 (Hybrid GT2 turbos, custom quad exhaust system and...
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