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    Gear Box Oil Check

    Hello Everyone .I have a 96 c180 classic and want to know how to check the oil on the auto box .All help appreciated ,Thanks in advance
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    Tempreture Sensor

    Can anybody tell me where i would find the temp sensor for the cooling fan on my 1996 c 180 and how i can test if its faulty Thanks in advance
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    Hi Can someone tell me the location of the regulator for the cooling fan on a 1996 c180 classic as my fan fails to work when the engine gets hot i have checked fuses all ok there so i assume this is the next check Thanks in advance
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    Cooling Fan Not Working

    Hi I have a 96 c 180 and noticed the cooling fan not kicking in the car was in traffic and the temp got realy high are there any simple checks i can do to find the fault Thanks in advance
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    Hi All i want to get a realy good shine to my paintwork its dark blue and i want it to shine like glass . Whats the best .Thanks
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    '97 C180 auto box slipping

    Is it an easy job as i feel mine needs changind to Thanks
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    Dash lights

    Hi All Is it an easy job to renew dash board bulbs on a 96 c 180 is there much to remove Thanks:doh:
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    Wet Car

    No sunroof but thanks for your help
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    Wet Car

    Evening all .Any advise on this would be welcome .My c 180 has been standing all day in the pooring rain .When i started to drive it there was a mass of water suddenly appear in the passenger footwell looks like it came via the heating duct .Is this normal ? sure it cant be is there anything to...
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    Front Fogs

    Morning All .Quick question . Can i fit front fog lights to my 96 c 180 there seem to be cut outs in the bumper were lights could possibly go .Any advice would be welcome. Thanks:bannana:
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    Would like to meet..

    Wind Up .No one Would of dared would they .Sorry if i am wrong
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    Would like to meet..

    Frank Sinatra The man the voice imagine him in todays world along side Dean Martin .No one comes near him
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    Foot Rest

    Hi Im after a foot rest for my 1996 c 180 as the carpet is a bit worn there.Any suggestions on best place to get one .Want to keep it as original as poss Thankyou:)
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    Service Advice

    Hi I have just bought a 96 180 classic 51000 miles with full service history.It was serviced 1000 miles ago when is the next service due ? . Also i only do on average 5000 miles a year so whats the best way to keep it maintained as it could be a while for the service if done on miles .Hope i...
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    Hi where is the best place to by an exhaust system for my 180 There seems to be so many price variants Should i use high st fitters or is there something better ????? Thanks
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    Did You Know

    keith richards Ah ok but he was not hit on the head with a coconut but what was he doing up the tree anyway ?????
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    Did You Know

    Am i missing something here ?
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    Did You Know

    A little silly but it is sunday night Did you know you are more likley to be hit on the head by a coconut than to be bitten by a shark Iwill leave you with that thought
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    Subtle Modifications

    Hi 96 c180 classic Thinking about what i could do to make her look prettier if thats possible do not want to ruin its originality tho any ideas Cost effective would be good Thanks
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    ipod connection to audio 10 cd

    There is a real cheap way to do this By a transmitter off ebay The ipod fits onto it you then find a clear setting on your radio say 107 fm set the devise to the same and bingo it will play through youre audio system also a bonus it will charge youre ipod via the cig lighter cost less than a tenner
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