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    Boiler Gas Pressure suddenly Unsafe??

    I think I'll get my gas engineer to come and check the pressures at the meter and boiler static and working and take it from there its not a big problem to run a new 28mm pipe on a straighter run
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    Boiler Gas Pressure suddenly Unsafe??

    My 40Kw Baxi Ecotec Combi developed a faulty diverter the other day and as its on a repair contract the Baxi Man came round to repair it At the end he said that the gas pressure was on the low side slightly under what it should be ( maybe 15 instead of 17? Millibars possibly? not sure I...
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    S211 E500 Estate - Mine.

    bargain sleeper If I had less than 5 cars i'd be interested :D they re a beautiful balance V8 power and oomph and the practicality of the estate and that M113 good for another 100K, and a lovely cream wood interior lucky buyer that will be
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    W124 1993 220TE MOT Emissions Fail Help

    Thanks thats most helpful a lot for me to go through but a very thorough list 👍
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    W124 1993 220TE MOT Emissions Fail Help

    Thanks for that very detailed explanation Theres a lot for me to check there but it has to be done to keep these cars alive I'm going to start this weekend what is an Mg Hub Reading ? inlet vacuum ? something on a scanner ?
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    W124 M111 960 fault codes.

    Snap just built one myself , what year is your car ? on mine I'm sure Pin 6 was SRS tensioners safety belts etc and Pin 8 was my Lambda ECU codes etc Mine was a 1993 220TE ie M111 engine with a Cat
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    W124 1993 220TE MOT Emissions Fail Help

    Air leaks inlet only or exhaust only or Both ?
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    W124 1993 220TE MOT Emissions Fail Help

    Sure is :)
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    16 pin Diagnostic Flasher Codes for 1993 W124 220TE (M111 Engine )

    As I have failed MOT emissions I’ve built a Flash code Reader /blink Tester that plugs into the 16 pin diagnostic socket (Only Pins 6 ,8 and 10 have contacts ) other than 1 Ground and 16 +ve ) No codes on Pin 8 but I do have codes on Pin 6 . Looking through various fault code PDF sheets I cant...
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    W124 1993 220TE MOT Emissions Fail Help

    Any experts on diagnosing Emissions Problems I scraped through the MOT last year but despite Injector cleaner / Cataclean / OIl Change / Clean Air Filter / MAF cleaned with MAF cleaner / Coolant temperature sensor resistance checked / and a high speed italian tune up on the way and using...
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    MOT exhaust emission fail

    shocking & scary
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    Bargain i will have two

    Nice car in good condition but ££££££ I mean £8,500 on the sound system! some have too much money to spend , is it really going to sound that good ?????? and yes when that 4 wheel drive system shows a warning light more ££££ and struggle to find someone who understands it, and at that...
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    Unusual CLS55

    Will be a timeless classic that CLS Design it oozes class and different enough from the standard 4 door fare real style, and that colour combination , with an AMG lump thats uber reliable
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    Diagnosing Poor emission result W124 Petrol

    It does get a spirited drive on the way to the garage goes straight in and the MOT guy there is very good knows me,as i take the other 3 mercs there I could hear him trying again and again revving it up so many times i thought it was a fail but he must have just got lucky on one of the last ones
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    Rather nice W124

    thats very nice, it looks the business. Is that an AMG bodykit ? that and the wheels (look like 18's ) and it does have a lowered look exactly what it takes to make these look extremely cool , substantial and solid and move over ,if its in your rear view mirror:)
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    Vito w639 Engine light and limp mode help!

    Check your hose from turbo to intercooler they split with age mine 2007 was split Boyd
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    Diagnosing Poor emission result W124 Petrol

    MOT coming up soon any experts on reading these values (Cat and lambda sensor was changed a few years ago...... not since that reading nothing has been done since that reading last year) 1 Got the injector cleaner in at the moment definitely feels like its running better whatever is in that...
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    W211 4.7kOhm resistor "fix" for M55 motor / intake manifold runner position sensor P2015 intake manifold runner position sensor

    Get anywhere with this ? I have the P2015 code on my V6 OM642 in my Vito sport
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    W124 Bonnet Spring

    My Drivers side Bonnet spring has broken anyone got a spare one ?
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    Diagnosing Poor emission result W124 Petrol

    Hi Last year my 1993 220TE just scraped through on emissions so am looking to avoid a fail this year ,It gets an " italian tune up" on the way to the MOT centre which is 35 mins away so its plenty hot and had a good high rev clear out on the way Current thoughts ; 1 I have used dipetane in...
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