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    Hi if this topic has been discussed before then I apologize in advance. Anyhow, with a budget of 40k I'm perhaps looking at either GLE43 or a GLC43. Will be a coupe and leaning towards the GLC as the GLE 's cabin is a little outdated. Can anyone give me any feedback on the two? For my money...
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    Put the wrong fuel in! Can anyone help?

    Didn't think you were able to do this anymore due to the size of the petrol & diesel filler caps being different in size.
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    Any boxing fans here?

    Best fight for a long time. Both fighters on the canvas. People saying AJ hasn't fought past this round, that round answered a few critics tonight with that performance. Took a breather between a few rounds, regained his composure and knocked him down with a stunning uppercut that no man would...
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    Any thoughts on why I'm getting no interest?

    I don't think the advert has to much waffle. It answers any questions some may ask, alleviates those humdrum timewaster phone calls.
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    Male Grooming Help?

    That was just an estimate I don't count them. You'll be surprised the jungle that lurks there.
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    Male Grooming Help?

    I use hot wax and cotton buds works a treat and believe me it hurts less pulling 40/50 hairs in one go than just one.
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    Service A

    Wifes E class is 12 months old with 10k miles on the clock and it's advising for its 1st service in X amount of days. Thought it was not due till 15k? so I'm I correct in assuming that I can leave it for a few k more miles until I take it for a service.
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    Thing is the few I smoke I enjoy and can go without for weeks. Can stand a fag with a drink either.
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    I like to have a few every now and then, sometimes as much as 3 a day during the week. Not sure why but its only at work, none at weekends or in the evening.
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    Pet hates

    On trains: People picking there nose. People who take up more than one seat space. People who put there bags on the seats. People who fall asleep and muzzle into your shoulder. People who eat on trains.
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    UPS delivery question

    Just down to the fact they had the style,size and colour.
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    UPS delivery question

    No mate as the email clearly states there surname so that's why I believe the neighbor has it but as mentioned I'm not going to keep on banging on his door. I'm going to contact UPS and Moncler and tell them I don't have my goods.
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    UPS delivery question

    No, thought in the event I'm out they would either attempt another delivery another day or I could collect from depo.
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    UPS delivery question

    Sorry should of mentioned. Received an email from UPS stating jacket delivered next door with there surname so they have it.
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    UPS delivery question

    Ordered a jacket from Italy, but on delivery I'm out and parcel has been left with neighbor. Knock on door and neighbor now denies all knowledge of receiving any delivery. What now? Need this on a Saturday morning.
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    Do You Remember.....................

    Riding my bicycle and finding dirty mags in the hedge...
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    Do You Remember.....................

    Also Monkey....
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    Who's growing a beard

    I'm not but Mrs Paneraiseeker has been for some years now...Bless her..
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