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  1. leef44

    Trickle charger-recommendations?

    Mercedes own brand one is also CTEK
  2. leef44

    What's everyone doing in the lockdown?

    I think there was confusion with words. "Herd immunity" got mixed up with "herd insanity" :confused:
  3. leef44

    Mobile tyre fitter serving West London

    Same here. Good value for money. Convenient. However the guy who did mine was in a hurry to get home and I think he forgot to balance the wheels or he did not do it properly. I got them rebalanced at PCS during upcoming service interval. I would still use them again.
  4. leef44

    Goodwood Breakfast Club - Vee Power Sunday

    That's a good point! I didn't quite think this through...:confused:
  5. leef44

    Goodwood Breakfast Club - Vee Power Sunday

    Yes I will be joining you there :thumb: Mine also got accepted for display. I went to the estate car one last year at the same time and also the 80's theme at the back end of the year. The estate car one was a real fight against the wet stormy weather which meant only the die-hards turned up...
  6. leef44

    Mercedes cl500 4.7

    At that price, it does look very good value for money. 435bhp seems awfully understressed for a 4.7 twin turbo. 500bhp would seem like an easy remap
  7. leef44


    This is kind of thought through. The intention is to play the diesel game again. Convince the general public that this will save the planet and start the momentum with tax benefit incentives. Everyone jumps on the electric bandwagon. When everyone is driving EV then say "lo and behold, we got...
  8. leef44

    Distracted While Driving

    I once walked passed a woman with an IPAD duct taped to her steering wheel so that it turned with the wheel. I wasn't sure what she was using it for: google maps or catching up with weekly soap :confused: It was taped so the top half of the IPAD was above the steering wheel, I guess that meant...
  9. leef44

    Sport vs Comfort mode

    It does take a bit of getting used to but it works very well. When I need to make a quick overtake in Sport mode (auto), I wait for a clear path, put my foot down one second before needed (the one second pause before response). The car kicks down, swift overtake, as I pull back in, the car...
  10. leef44

    Electric hilarity

    Thank you. That's useful to know. Unfortunately for me, they don't have the model for the R172 nor my 2005 Ignis Sport :(
  11. leef44

    Electric hilarity

    When I'm stuck in a long queue of traffic, I will always let in an EV at a junction. This way I don't have to follow a diesel while my heater fan is blowing hard inside the car.
  12. leef44

    7g gearbox frustration

    This is something which you just have to get used to with 7G. In my SLK, I find accelerating briskly in auto is quicker than "manual" because of the delay in shift time. Ideally you would want to change up 500 rpm before you need to, when accelerating briskly, because that's how long it takes...
  13. leef44

    First time driving rwd, auto and diesel

    Op mentioned there are three Hankook tyres. You don't have mixed tyres at the rear by any chance? Although you should always aim to get same tyres on the same axle. Perhaps, if the tyres are still in good condition, swap the worst one out for a pair (doesn't have to be the same tyres)
  14. leef44

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    Very much agree. For one aspect is having financial knowledge. It would be good if all politicians have to go through a financial induction course before they are allowed to take their seat. This would involve explaining how a country's economics works and the impact of various political...
  15. leef44

    Cruise control won't select 9th gear...common?

    Around 1800 rpm at 70 mph sounds about right to me. However with 9 speed diesels, perhaps they are happy to go lower, cruising on the motorway. But then what do I know, my Suzuki has 5 gears and my SLK has 7. That's enough for me:confused:
  16. leef44

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    It would appear so. However, as long as the Unions have a stranglehold on the membership numbers then the members will never represent the wishes of the majority of the labour electorate. So whoever they vote to lead, will represent what the Unions want and not what the voters for Labour want...
  17. leef44

    ECP getting worse

    The DFS marketing model
  18. leef44

    Car written off, can I stop insurance?

    I would have thought this was the case. It's a bit like paying for maintenance service monthly then saying "oh well, I've just had the car serviced this month through the service package, I think I'll stop the rest of the direct debit payments now since I don't need them for the rest of the year"
  19. leef44

    2 years in my SL65

    I love this kind of inefficiency :D My favourite are American V8s - the less efficient, the more delicious the rumble :D
  20. leef44

    How not to take a bend

    I know exactly what you mean. Around my area in Surrey there are many large SUVs with drivers who forget that they are driving a heavy vehicle with a relatively high centre of gravity. There are known blind bends in my area where I take it cautiously with the expectation some idiot is going to...
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