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  1. sportedition

    For sale. Sonos Play 5 Black Brand New

    I have for sale a brand new Sonos Play 5 in black. Not sure what else I can say about it. If you need any more pics please PM me. I'm located in Barnsley, South Yorkshire and would ideally prefer for it to be collected in person as I don't want to risk posting. Asking price is £330
  2. sportedition

    Genuine W203 CLC Comand NTG2.5

    What kind of offer are you wanting for this? Thanks
  3. sportedition

    18" 5 Spoke AMG Alloys and Tyres

    Are these still for sale?
  4. sportedition

    W203 Comand APS - Screen fault or not?

    It was bought via the forums. I must admit it is definitely drawing my eye everytime I look at it. I'm just waiting for a response from the seller.
  5. sportedition

    W203 Comand APS - Screen fault or not?

    No, there's not ridge, its underneath the surface of the screen which is why I'm worried it won't illuminate correctly.
  6. sportedition

    W203 Comand APS - Screen fault or not?

    Hi everyone, I've just purchased this Comand unit and I'm wondering if this is a fault on the screen? Its difficult to describe but is positioned in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. I haven't been able to power it up yet but I'm just wondering if I should be taking my car...
  7. sportedition

    Bargain Volvo, valued at £9k, soon to be £20k

    Bargain Volvo, valued at £9k, soon to be £20k Investor Opportunity! Volvo 760 GLE Saloon 1984 34,000 miles! Valued at £9,000 | eBay Maybe I'm missing something. :crazy:
  8. sportedition

    C220 CDI Coupe ATF change?

    I've done a fair bit of reading but I'm struggling for a definitive answer. My car is going in for a service to Mercedes Benz Sheffield tomorrow. The car is an 2006 model on 31,000 miles and hasn't had the ATF changed. I'm thinking that this is going to need doing. I've read on the forums...
  9. sportedition

    SLK 350 Sport

    This advert caught my eye due to the low mileage. ONLY 860 MILES! MERCEDES SLK 350 SPORT AMG 59 REG COST £50000 NEW 200 230 300 55 | eBay I'm sure there must be something to explain the mileage in the advert (Cat D?) but my brain got scrambled before I got 6 lines into it. :wallbash: Maybe...
  10. sportedition

    No, it's not a Merc. Lovely 330i but are these people serious?

    All that writing and only two full stops. I was going to arrange a veuing but I honist don't think that wud b a very sensabull idea :wallbash:
  11. sportedition

    No, it's not a Merc. Lovely 330i but are these people serious?

    Lovely car but do these people think they're giving a good enough impression to sell a £20k car? I really don't know how anyone would have the confidence to bid 2008 BMW 330I M SPORT A BLUE | eBay
  12. sportedition

    W203 Saloon Illuminated sills

    You mentioned in an earlier thread that you've got some for the BMW mini. I have cooper convertible as well as the Merc. Could you post/send me some pics of those ones so I can get an idea. Is the wiring straight forward? Thanks. L et me know if you want me to pm you my e-mail address so I can...
  13. sportedition

    W203 Saloon Illuminated sills

    I can't say I have ever checked it out. I know my other cars do. It doesn't make a massive difference. I just thought they'd be on whenever the door was opened that was all. I'll stand corrected though, like I said, I've never checked.
  14. sportedition

    W203 Saloon Illuminated sills

    I assumed that they were wired to light up with the interior light - does that not come on when you open the door regardless of day or night?
  15. sportedition

    W203 Saloon Illuminated sills

    Surely you're never going to see them when they aren't lit up? If they light up as soon as the door is opened? Or have I missed something?
  16. sportedition

    W203 Saloon Illuminated sills

    I've taken some photos as requested. The length of the silver part (at the longest bit) is 800mm and its 30mm wide. I hope these photos help. Thanks. Neil
  17. sportedition

    W203 Saloon Illuminated sills

    I was thinking about the blue in the top pic in post 20. Or maybe the white ones. I can definitely get you some pics and dimensions, either tomorrow or over the weekend. As far as dimensions go, what do just need? Is it just the central oval, aluminium looking part?
  18. sportedition

    W203 Saloon Illuminated sills

    I'd just like to add that I could be interested in some for a W203 Coupe. I'd like to see some pics of them fitted if possible? Also some close ups of the lettering and if you've got any of the blue ones lit up I'd like to see those too. No rush, I just thought I'd express my interest so you...
  19. sportedition

    A Class Drivers Seat Height Adjuster Handle

    A Class drivers seat height adjuster handle. As anyone with an A Class will know the drivers seat height adjuster handle breaks very easily. I bought this to replace the broken one on my car but have sold it before getting around to it. I bought it from Mercedes dealer and the part number is...
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